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Hypertension By Dr. Penny Giovanetti, FAA Medical Specialties Division director Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the most common conditions faced by pilots seeking medical certification. Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. The measurement is presented as … Continued

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HEAT + HUMIDITY = TROUBLE It’s time to recall some of the things you learned in ground school but haven’t thought about for a while—at least not since last summer. You remember the old memory shortcut about “high, hot, and heavy” degrading performance. “Heavy” is obvious. And while we all know that our aircraft don’t … Continued


Getting to Know Your ADS-B System   Once you have equipped your aircraft with ADS-B Out, or after you’ve purchased a new aircraft, it’s important to get to know your ADS-B system.  The more familiar you are with your aircraft’s equipment, the more you will know if something isn’t quite right. Here are the FAA’s … Continued


Earning a Phase of WINGS Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!   Introducing a new and efficient means to earn WINGS phases and credits. Welcome to the WINGS Industry Network E-Z WINGS tool for accessing the FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Network. Participation in the WINGS program has been shown to result in a reduction in … Continued


BPT Forum At AirVentue 2022   Bonanza /Baron Pilot Training, Inc. [BPT] was in full force at AirVenture 2022. Instructors John Andrick [standing], together with [left-to-right] Kent “Eagle” Ewing, Hank Canterbury, Mick Kaufman, Ron Timmermans and Adrian Eichhorn conducted an intensive Forum entitled, “How To Fly A Bonanza.”

Hank’s Handy Flying Hints

Loss of Control and a Quick Stall Recovery Technique: Don’t Let the Test Come Before the Training     The Loss of Control [LOC] accident category remains the National Transportation Safety Board’s [NTSB] number one cause of fatal accidents.  Loss of control can occur both on the ground as well as inflight, with inflight events, … Continued


  1. Normal VFR operations in Class D airspace with an operating control tower require the visibility and ceiling to be at least: A. 1,000 feet and 1 mile B. 1,000 feet and 3 miles C. 2,500 feet and 3 miles   2. What is the minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land … Continued


BPT’s Ron Timmermans Inducted Into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame Ron Timmermans was inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon extraordinary aviators who model the highest standards of professionalism and dedication in the flight training industry. The induction ceremony was held at the 14th American Bonanza Society [ABS] Annual … Continued