Non-Pilot Companion Clinic

Non-Pilot Companion Course

This unique clinic is designed specifically for non-pilot companions, including spouses, other family members or friends. After completion of the course you’ll have a greater understanding of the details encountered on every flight helping you become more comfortable in the airplane and increasing your enjoyment of flight.

Courses in the Non-Pilot Companion Clinic


  • Aerodynamics — You’ll learn about the key elements that keep airplanes aloft (and contrary to what some say, no, it’s not just money), as well as gain a greater understanding of the primary control surfaces and how you fly the airplane.
  • Navigation and Charts — Where are we and how do we get where we want to go? You’ll learn more about reading aeronautical maps, as well as some basics about GPS navigation.
  • Communications — Why do controllers talk so darned fast? We’ll answer that question and much more. When the course is over you’ll understand more of what you are hearing on the radio, and how to use it too.
  • Landings — We walk through the key elements of landing a Bonanza and Baron so you become familiar with the steps involved. We build on the experience you’ve already gained flying in the right seat.
  • Group walk-around of a Bonanza or Baron — Improves your familiarity with the aircraft as well as instruments and controls through hands-on experience. On the ground of course.


  • Tower Tour — When the FAA permits we’ll take you up into the cab of an operating Control Tower. You’ll get to see the airport and surrounding area from the perspective of a Tower Controller, watch them work with real traffic, and ask all the questions you want to. This is so much fun the pilots are jealous you get to do this and they don’t!
  • Lunch — Don’t forget this! Great lunch provided at the hangar for you and your pilot.