Recurrent Clinic

recurrentOur Recurrent Clinic is designed especially for returning pilots to provide you with new challenges and the fresh material every time.

Courses in the Recurrent Clinic


  • Forced Landings – Energy management and a detailed look at managing forced landings with Hank Canterbury.
  • IFR Charts — A great refresher on IFR procedures; what is expected of you and scenarios that emphasize operating safely.
  • Icing — Not theory, but practical application of the things you know and should know to contain risk.
  • Engine Monitoring — Application and interpretation of modern monitors; gasp! Lean of peak operation. Conversions.
  • Human Factors — Man vs. machine… keeping in touch with what your brain is doing & avoiding traps when the heat is on.
  • Guest Hour — Things like FAA Communications, ADS-B; changes from Clinic to Clinic.
  • Multi Engine Single Engine management (for Baron, Travel Air and Duke pilots) — this is so good we’ve sneaked students in to see it. Theory & Practice.
  • G1000 (available for G1000 pilots) — Making great use of G1000 glass-cockpit capability in a cross country. Highly participatory.
  • Safety Inspection — Each aircraft that flies during a clinic is inspected by BPT’s maintenance experts on Friday prior to Saturday or Sunday’s flight. The
    inspection is a walk around looking for missed maintenance items that could affect the safety of flight. If an issue is identified the owner is immediately
    notified with a proposed action plan. Most issues are resolved prior to scheduled flight training. In those rare occasions that require additional time, a
    flight is scheduled with a BPT instructor at a later date.


  • Using GPS in IFR — Using YOUR tools. No matter how experienced you are you’ll pick up a few tips you never knew about. You will not find a more informative session anywhere. Portables too.
  • Current Pilot Topics — New things you should know; updated continuously.
  • BPT Rules to Fly By — Believe it or not, the FARs can be fun even when your team is losing!
  • Lunch — Don’t forget that. Great lunch provided at the hangar; bring your significant other.
  • Walk around YOUR airplane — Look it over closely with an expert for coaching on caring for it.

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Note that the Recurrent and Type-Specific courses take place over 2 1/2 days, with registration starting around 8:30am on Friday and continuing through Sunday around 1pm for all pilots.

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