What is BPT?

Bonanza / Baron Pilot Training, Inc. offers the most comprehensive, practical, effective and enjoyable model-specific flight training available.

Each course is presented in-person by the original founders of this one-of-a-kind pilot training program. Custom designed for pilots and owners of Bonanzas, Barons,Travel Airs, Twin Bonanzas and Dukes.Our type-specific and recurrent in-person weekend clinics offer full-immersion training in your own aircraft. During the clinic you will receive up to 4 hours of flight instruction in your aircraft with one of the world’s finest standardized Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs).

Our CFIs not only have thousands of hours – they each have thousands of hours in your type aircraft. At the end of the clinic you will receive endorsements for your flight review (BFR) and instrument proficiency check (IPC) providing all qualifications are met, as well as a course completion certificate satisfying the recurrent flight training requirements of your insurance company.

Pilots that complete BPT training receive the highest premium discounts offered for their aircraft insurance. BPT enjoys the highest level of acceptance throughout the Aviation Insurance Industry. This is a result of the depth and quality of BPT ground and flight training along with the experience and standardization of its instructors.

whatis1Pilots receive a comprehensive classroom-style day of ground school instruction.whatis2An intensive maintenance walk-around is conducted by industry veteran Dave Monti.