Earning a Phase of WINGS Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!


Introducing a new and efficient means to earn WINGS phases and credits. Welcome to the WINGS Industry Network E-Z WINGS tool for accessing the FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Network.

Participation in the WINGS program has been shown to result in a reduction in the likelihood of general aviation accidents and incidents. However, accessing the program can be a challenge. Now, using the E-Z WINGS program, get phases before you leave the airport.

E-Z WINGS can be accessed on any internet browser. E-Z WINGS makes it easy to find and submit FAA WINGS phase activities.  That way you can earn or validate WINGS phases for Check-rides, Flight Reviews, IPCs, and more, as soon as you complete the activity. A new and exciting aspect of E-Z WINGS is the ability for Students to earn WINGS.

  ACS / PTS / AC reference in new WIN activities 

• Organization Specific access to activities 

• More to come!

To access E-Z wings, navigate to www.ezwings.net and create a short-cut on your phone or tablet.