• This is what it's all about!
  • Dinner Friday night means networking and sharing stories with fellow pilots
  • Veteran pilot instructor Kent Ewing teaches a ground school course on emergency procedures
  • A new Baron takes to the skies
  • John Eckalbar
  • Each BPT Clinic includes a one-on-one maintenance analysis of your aircraft

                  BPT CLINIC SCHEDULE

Join us live and in-person at these upcoming BPT Clinics:

                    Nashua NH (KASH)September 13-15, 2024
                    Oklahoma City (KHSD)September 27-29, 2024
                    Fresno (KFAT)October 11-13, 2024
                    Norfolk (KORF)November 8-10, 2024

Each unique weekend experience includes a comprehensive in-person ground school, followed by type-specific, full-immersion training in your aircraft. Clinics are custom-designed for pilots and owners of Bonanzas, Barons, Travel Airs, Twin Bonanzas and Dukes.

If you would prefer to attend the Friday ground school virtually:

  • Subscribe to the BPT Ground School Pilot Training Video Series
  • Then “FLY LATER” with a Certified BPT Flight Instructor at your location
    to complete your BPT certification training

Please note that Companion Clinics are offered in-person only at each BPT Clinic.

Fly with the “Best of the Best”

BPT instructors are among the world’s finest standardized Certified Flight Instructors [CFIs]. Plus, BPT offers the only Companion Course in the industry!

Receive Accreditation

By successfully completing a BPT Clinic, you will receive a Biennial Flight Review [BFR]; a BPT Certificate; and, if you qualify, an Instrument Proficiency Check [IPC], while satisfying the recurrent flight training requirements of your insurance company. In addition, BPT Clinics are eligible for F.A.A. Wings Credit! 

Stay current. Be confident. Fly like a pro.

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Non-Pilot Companion Clinic

Open to non-pilot spouses, children of high-school age and older, relatives and friends, our 1-day Non-Pilot Companion Clinic is the only general aviation course of its kind.  READ MORE

About Our Team

Our exceptional team of aviation specialists is dedicated to providing type-specific Bonanza, Baron, Travel Air, Twin Bonanza and Duke full-immersion training. These are no “ordinary” flight instructors. READ MORE

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Join Us at Our Next BPT Clinics

Nashua, NH - (KASH) - September 13 - 15, 2024

Infinity Aviation

117 Perimeter Rd., Nashua, NH 03063
Contact: Kevin DelaCruze

Oklahoma City, OK - (KHSD) - September 27 - 29, 2024

Sundance Airport FBO

13000 N Sara Rd. Yukon, OK 73099
Contact: Justin Scraggs

Fresno, CA - (KFAT) - October 11 - 13, 2024

Signature Flight Support

3050 N. Winery Ave Fresno, CA 93727
Contact: Mark Giannopulos




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