What Customers Say

“First and foremost, the excellent staff of instructors affiliated with the BPT. Next, the ability to have a Beechcraft expert examine a customer’s aircraft, and give serious feedback to the owner. The companion program: won’t get that on line. The total passion that the group has to offer, combined with the collaborative collection of many … Continued

Captain’s Corner

Get That Clearance Right: Some Tips on Handling Difficult IFR Clearances PART II By Mick Kaufman I have found an interesting human factor when training new instrument pilots, which you may relate to and I will describe it this way. When training pilots for an instrument rating, a common example is using the “Five Ts” … Continued

Meet Our Instructors: Richard Bennett “R.B.” Hirsch

Richard Bennett “R. B.” Hirsch, III, CFII, MEI: 10+ years with BPT; Type Rated in a CE-560XL; 6,000+ hours   BPT: How did you get your start in aviation? HIRSCH: For me, aviation was a bit of a different story than for most people. I went to a boys’ Catholic high school. During my junior … Continued

Kudos to Companions

Meet BPT Companion Course Graduate Stephanie Stone Horton    BPT: How many BPT Companion Clinics have you attended? Stephanie: This is my fourth.  BPT:  Why do you come to the BPT Companion Clinics? Stephanie: I come every year for refresher training — for, you know, the worst case scenario. God forbid something should happen to … Continued

Whitepapers: P2 Aviation Technology, Inc.

Gear-up Accidents: They Can Happen to Anybody!  By Steve Petrich It is well known within the General Aviation community that gear-up landings have been a problem ever since the invention of retractable landing gear. In spite of the legendary “GUMP” checks, etc, these inadvertent events happen across a broad spectrum of pilots and continue to … Continued

Whitepapers: Avemco

The Art of Cutting Corners and the Normalization of Deviance By Sarah Rovner, Master CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Owner of FullThrottle Aviation LLC                                                                                                   Most pilots can relate to hearing of a mishap involving someone or a business they know and then thinking to themselves, “that’s not surprising at all.” Perhaps it was a pattern … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits: Your ADS-B Questions Answered

How do I obtain initial approval for my ADS-B Out system? Initial ADS-B Out system pairings (transmitter/GPS) must be approved for installation using the Type Certificate (TC), Amended TC (ATC), or Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) process. Aircraft and equipment manufacturers, and others seeking initial pairing approval should consult their Aircraft Certification Office to determine the … Continued

Captain’s Corner

Get That Clearance Right! Tips on Handling Difficult IFR Clearances PART I By Mick Kaufman For a well-trained pilot what is a routine operation can be an emergency to one who is not well trained. Today, we see pilots/aircraft owners spend tens of thousands of dollars for state-of-the-art avionics but hesitate to spend even a … Continued

Test Your Knowledge

1. You have lost all communication radios and have entered the downwind leg of the traffic pattern at a tower-controlled airport. You see a steady red light signal from the control tower, so you begin to circle. What signal must you see in order to exit your circling maneuver and re-join the traffic pattern? 2. … Continued

What Customers Say

“A lot of these guys as I say have been flying forever. And they’ve seen an awful lot and they’re willing to share it. They each have a slightly different approach, but they’re all extremely knowledgeable. They know the airplanes inside and out and they can make them do just about anything.” — Frank W. … Continued