Don Grunke November 29, 1926 – March 12, 2020 Donald Gene Grunke passed away on March 12, 2020 at 93 years of age. He began working for Concorde Aircraft Battery Company as an application engineer and was in their employ up until his very last day on earth, at 93 ½ years of age! … Continued


“Bears, Birds, Bugs and Bad Take-Offs” By David Jack Kenny, ATP ASEL, Commercial AMEL and Rotorcraft Helicopter 2,200+ hours combined Not to mention unfortunate endings.  Wildlife and aircraft don’t mix well.  The alligator may lose the collision, but that doesn’t mean your airplane’s going to win. It’s an image few who’ve seen it will ever … Continued


1. Assume an in-flight emergency occurs which requires immediate action. As the pilot in command, you may: a. Not deviate from any FARs b. Not deviate from FARs unless permission is obtained from ATC c. Deviate from FARs to the extent required to meet that emergency d. Deviate from the FARs to the extent required … Continued


Bill Hale CFII, A&P, IA BPT Director of Training 10,000+ hours BPT: How did you get started in aviation? BH: I learned to fly at Ohio State University. It was only 380 bucks added to the enrollment fee. I didn’t even have to take out a student loan to do it. I’ve owned a Debonair … Continued


Wrong Surfaces and You A wrong surface event occurs when an aircraft lands or departs, or tries to land or depart, on the wrong runway or on a taxiway.  It also occurs when an aircraft lands or tries to land at the wrong airport.  In 2019, there were 480 wrong surface events.  Over 80 percent … Continued

What Customers Say

A. Matykiewiez Bonanza N88IS “I continue to fly with BPT instructors outside of BPT for either an IPC or additional training. I have pursued additional ratings since purchasing my Bonanza. I’ve got my commercial certificate in my Bonanza and I’m also working on my CFI, now. It was an inspiration for me to fly with … Continued

What Customers Say

J. Tarver Baron N11EV “I want to have a better command of the airplane and I want to improve my level of comfort and knowledge about the airplane and its characteristics. I want to become a more competent and safer pilot.” BPT has a fantastic reputation. Hands-down they are the best for Beech-specific training. My … Continued


Please join us as we Celebrate the Life of Jon David Monti   Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 1 pm Minden / Tahoe Airport R.S.V.P. by Friday, May 8 Accommodations available in Carson City, NV at Carson Valley Inn; Hampton Inn & Suites; Courtyard by Marriott; Quality Inn & Suites or in Lake Tahoe, … Continued


RUNWAY EXPECTATIONS Sometimes our expectations as pilots don’t always match those of Air Traffic Control’s.  Here’s a quick review of expectations for operations on or near runways to keep you safe. After landing, you are expected to clear the runway without delay, taxiing until the entire aircraft has cleared the hold short marking.  AIM 4-3-20 … Continued