Avemco Whitepaper

ONE LESS STORY TO TELL By Gene Benson, Pilot and Aviation Educator We all have our personal aviation stories to tell. Many of them involve landings. The following hints are intended to deprive you of having a story about your landing accident. Landings from the Passenger Perspective Our passengers judge our piloting ability by the … Continued


What Is It Doing Now? By Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman Over the last several years, there have been many avionics upgrades. As a result,  the avionics shops are six months to a year behind with scheduled work and updates. However, when the update is done, does it work “WRIGHT,” as in those brothers that started … Continued

Hanks Handy Flying Hints

Control Techniques During A Round Out / Flare By Hank Canterbury During training, I often observe pilots overcontrolling the elevator during the flare process.  It is a perfectly natural thing to hunt and peck for the right attitude while searching for the ground.  But occasionally, that results in a Pilot-Induced-Oscillation (PIO), which can cause damage … Continued


1. The term “angle of attack” is defined as the angle between the: A. Chord line of the wing and the relative wind B. Airplane’s longitudinal axis and that of the air striking the airfoil C. Airplane’s center line and the relative wind   2. Refer to the figure above. Determine the maximum wind velocity … Continued

Spring 2023 Clinic Dates

JOIN US IN-PERSON — OR ONLINE! Join us live and in-person – or online and “Fly Later” – for the upcoming BPT Spring 2023 Clinics in: Tucson, AZ [KTUS]:  January 13-15, 2023 Lakeland, FL [KLAL]: February 3-5, 2023 Austin, TX [KEDC]: March 2023 Fresno, CA [KFAT]:April 2023 Each unique weekend experience includes a comprehensive in-person ground school, followed … Continued

Safety First

Tips for Perfect Preflight Prep Why Better Preflight Preparation is Paramount to Safe Flight By Paul Cianciolo, FAA Safety Briefing Magazine Associate Editor Inadequate preflight preparation is cited as a contributing factor in many general aviation accidents. Even something as simple as a loose fuel cap missed during a preflight inspection can cause chaos. That … Continued

Hanks Handy Flying Hints

  Ground Effect: The First and Last Few Seconds By Hank Canterbury   I often wondered why many pilots flying Bonanzas and Barons seem to touchdown three-point.  The three-point touchdown is defined by the FAA as “a simultaneous touchdown of the main and nose wheel with excessive speed, followed by application of forward pressure on … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits

Understanding Owner-Performed Preventive Maintenance By Tom Hoffmann, FAA Safety Briefing Magazine Pilots who perform preventive maintenance on their aircraft can learn a great deal about the inner workings of engines and airframes, as well as all their associated systems and components. But if this is your first foray into aviation maintenance, it’s a good idea … Continued


The Garmin Aera 660 by Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman In a previous “Captain’s Corner” article entitled “The Pilot’s New Panel,” I covered the recent budget update on my Bonanza panel. I talked about the Garmin Aera 660, which was part of the installation, and I mentioned that it was the best piece of avionics that … Continued


Use of Weather Information Today’s pilots enjoy an abundance of weather information sources, but having weather information available is only part of the weather decision-making equation. Knowing how to acquire, interpret, and make operational decisions based on weather information is essential to safe flying. This #FlySafe topic acquaints general aviation pilots with available weather information … Continued