1. Normal VFR operations in Class D airspace with an operating control tower require the visibility and ceiling to be at least:

A. 1,000 feet and 1 mile

B. 1,000 feet and 3 miles

C. 2,500 feet and 3 miles


2. What is the minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land and hold short [LAHSO] clearance?

A. 3 nautical miles

B. 3 statute miles

C. 1 statute mile


3. The amount of water vapor air can hold depends on the:

A. Dewpoint

B. Air temperature

C. Stability of the air


4. The angular difference between true north and magnetic north is:
A. Magnetic deviation
B. Magnetic variation
C. Compass acceleration error


5. The greatest vortex strength occurs when the generating aircraft is:
A. Light, dirty and fast
B. Heavy, dirty and fast
C. Heavy, clean and slow


6. One in-flight condition necessary for structural icing to form is:
A. Small temperature / dewpoint spread
B. Stratiform clouds
C. Visible moisture


















1. B;  2. B;  3. B;  4. B; 5. C;  6. C