Type-Specific Clinic

type-specificThe Type-Specific Clinic is our flagship course and designed especially for first-time attendees. Returning pilots are welcome to attend any or all sessions in the Type-Specific Clinic.

We guarantee you will learn things you didn’t know even if you are a highly-experienced Beechcraft pilot (and a large portion of our attendees are).

During the Type-Specific Clinic you will:

  • Explore best practices for flying your Beech Bonanza or Baron.
  • Refresh your knowledge of emergency procedures, aircraft systems and more.
  • Ask questions of the most experienced and down-to-earth instructors you’ll find in any flight training program.
  • Learn from fellow pilots how they are using the latest technologies, devices and iPad apps. This is the most up to the minute information you’ll find anywhere.

Have a great time – we guarantee it. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get away for a weekend to think and talk about airplanes the whole time with pilots just like you? It’s like summer camp for adults. But with airplanes.

Courses in the Type-Specific Clinic


  • Flying by the numbers — instrument flight simplified from John Eckalbar, author of Flying the Beech Bonanza, and Flying High Performance Singles
    and Twins. You’ll fall in love with your Beechcraft even more, and you’ll know how to fly it more precisely with less effort.
  • Bonanza & Baron systems — a detailed operational look at all the systems. You’ll be learning not from a text book, but from some of the most
    knowledgable Beechcraft A&Ps who know how to focus on what really matters so you get the most out of every information-packed minute.
  • Maneuver-Gust Envelope — How the engineers determine the limitations for your aircraft and how to avoid breaking it EVER.
  • Weight and Balance — Nuances of loading these airplanes with special treatment of the short ones & center of gravity.
  • POH — Detailed look at performance along with interesting characteristics of the type. We boil it down to what you really need to know.
  • Emergencies — Hank Canterbury talks about how the Beech captain manages a number of common tough situations. Learn from instructors who’ve
    been through some real hairy ones themselves and lived to fly another day.
  • Multi Engine Single Engine management (for Baron, Travel Air and Duke pilots) — this is so good we’ve sneaked students in to see it.
    Theory & Practice.
  • G1000 (available for G1000 pilots) — Making great use of G1000 glass-cockpit capability in a cross country. Highly participatory.
  • Safety Inspection – Each aircraft that flies during a clinic is inspected by BPT’s maintenance experts on Friday prior to Saturday or Sunday’s flight. The
    inspection is a walk around looking for missed maintenance items that could affect the safety of flight. If an issue is identified the owner is immediately
    notified with a proposed action plan. Most issues are resolved prior to scheduled flight training. In those rare occasions that require additional time, a
    flight is scheduled with a BPT instructor at a later date.


  • Maintenance Review — With other owners and a Beech experienced maintenance expert discuss maintenance issues and solutions, includes a
    walkaround a typical aircraft. Great opportunity to share experiences about common and unique maintenance issues.
  • Using GPS in IFR — Using YOUR tools. No matter how experienced you are you’ll pick up a few tips you never knew about. You will not find a more
    informative session anywhere. Portables too.
  • Current Pilot Topics — New things you should know; updated continuously.
  • BPT Rules to Fly By — Believe it or not, the FARs can be fun even when your team is losing!
  • Lunch — Don’t forget that. Great lunch provided at the hangar; bring your significant other.
  • Walk around YOUR airplane — Look it over closely with an expert for coaching on caring for it.

Register now – call 970-206-0182

Note that the Recurrent and Type-Specific courses take place over 2 1/2 days, with registration starting around 8:30am on Friday and continuing through Sunday around 1pm for all pilots.

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