1. For private pilot operations, a second class medical certificate issued to a 42-year-old pilot on October 15, this year, will expire at midnight on: A. October 31, 5 years later B. October 31, 2 years later C. October 1, next year   2.  Aircraft position lights are required to be illuminated from: A. … Continued


Human Factors & Instrument Flight A Decade Ago by Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman  I have been quite active during the summer months doing accelerated instrument training, and reviewing and updating my PowerPoint presentations for the upcoming BPT Seminars. I was amazed at the changes in how we fly on instruments – all of which have … Continued


SPLAT! The Story of Snarge — Accidental “Meetings” Between Aircraft and Wildlife By James Williams, FAA Safety Briefing Associate Editor Snarge: (snärj) n. It’s the word used for what remains of a bird after it strikes an aircraft. It’s not pretty … and neither are the results of most bird collisions with aircraft, which seem … Continued


Get the Lead Out! Looking at the Future of Avgas   By Paul Cianciolo, FAA Safety Briefing Associate Editor There’s nothing better than the smell of avgas in the morning! Well, maybe the “sound of freedom” as a fighter jet soars by overhead may be better. Nevertheless, sampling aviation gas — avgas for short — … Continued


    Taxiing – One of the First Skills You Learned By Kim Skipper, CPCU, Aviation Underwriting Manager, Avemco Insurance Company Why do many high-time pilots get into trouble when executing such a routine step as crawling along a taxiway? Part of the answer is revealed in the statistics we have examined.1  The most dangerous … Continued

SPOTLIGHT with Bruce Landsberg

Photo courtesy of AOPA NTSB Vice Chairman and Bonanza Pilot Bruce Landsberg to Speak Friday, November 5 at BPT Norfolk [KORF] Dinner   BPT is honored to announce that NTSB Vice Chairman and Beechcraft Bonanza pilot Bruce Landsberg is the keynote speaker on Friday evening, November 5 at the BPT Norfolk Clinic in “Welcome Dinner.” … Continued

Meet Our Instructors

Ron Zasadzinski, CFII SEL & MEL 8,000+ total time BPT: Ron, how did you get your start in aviation? RZ:  Growing up, my dad worked for Eastern Airlines as a gate agent out of Newark Airport. I was exposed to aviation as an infant and we regularly flew Eastern for family vacations. Aviation is in … Continued