“Using the E-Word” By Michael “Mick” Kaufman   I started a new instrument student this morning – and the first chapter in the textbook I use deals with flight instruments. What happens when those instruments fail? Even with the great detail we put on redundancy, they can still fail. Do we declare an emergency? Two … Continued


A Climate for Change Embracing the Environment By Rick Domingo, FAA Flight Standards Service Executive Director     It’s a common human characteristic to avoid choices that require us to change. We tend to put our activities on autopilot and turn our attention to other things, often not noticing the changing circumstances that would compel … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits

Stabilized Approach and Landing   FAA Aviation Safety Safety Enhancement Topic   Focusing on establishing and maintaining a stabilized approach and landing is a great way to avoid experiencing a loss of control. A stabilized approach is one in which the pilot establishes and maintains a constant angle glidepath towards a predetermined point on the … Continued


Ready to test your knowledge of the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] Regulations? Step right up and be our guest!   1. From the following list, select the terms that pertain to “category” with respect to aircraft certification. A. Utility B. Balloon C. Acrobatic D. Multiengine E. Transport F. Landplane   2. Which document(s) is / are … Continued

Best of the Best: Ron Timmermans

Ron Timmermans honored at EAA AirVenture 2021 Ron Timmermans, the 2021 FAA General Aviation Award [GAA] CFI of the Year, receives his award from Steve Dickson, Administrator of the FAA. The ceremony was held on Thursday, July 29 during the “Meet the Administrator” Forum at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association [EAA] AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. … Continued

Meet Our Instructors

Gregory F. Ricca, MD, FAANS, FACS CFI; MEI; CFII; SES; AME [retired] 5,000 hours   BPT: Greg, what first attracted you to aviation – and why? GR: The ultimate freedom of flight is what first attracted me to aviation.  The science of flight, the vast amount of aircraft, airspace and human information keeps it exciting. … Continued