Ready to test your knowledge of the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] Regulations? Step right up and be our guest!


1. From the following list, select the terms that pertain to “category” with respect to aircraft certification.

A. Utility

B. Balloon

C. Acrobatic

D. Multiengine

E. Transport

F. Landplane


2. Which document(s) is / are required to be in your personal possession or readily accessible in the aircraft when you are acting as pilot in command of an aircraft?

A. A pilot logbook with appropriate endorsements

B. An appropriate pilot certificate, medical certificate, and logbook

C. A certificate showing satisfactory completion of a flight review

D. A current pilot certificate, an appropriate medical certificate, and photo identification


3. If an aircraft receives an annual inspection on September 20 of this year, the next annual inspection will be due no later than:

A. September 20 of next year

B. 100 flight hours following the last annual inspection

C. September 30 of next year

D. 12 calendar months after the date shown on the registration certificate


4. What indication should be observed on a turn coordinator during a right turn while taxiing?

 A.  The miniature aircraft will show a turn to the left and the ball remains centered.

B.  The miniature aircraft will show a turn to the right and the ball moves to the left.

C.  The miniature aircraft will show a turn to the left and the ball moves to the right

D.  Both the miniature aircraft and the ball will remain centered.


5. A Bonanza has a 100-hour inspection when the tachometer read 1259.6. When is the next 100-hour inspection due?

A.  1369.6 hours

B.  1359.0 hours

C.  1349.6 hours

D.  1359.6 hours


6. If an aircraft is involved in an accident which results in substantial damage to the aircraft but no injuries to the occupants, the nearest NTSB field office should be notified:

A. Immediately

B. Within 7 days

C. Within 24 hours

D. Within 10 days






















Answers:  1. A,C,E; 2. D; 3. C; 4.B; 5. D; 6. B