Captain’s Corner

How to better communicate with ATC – and handle re-routes! By Mick Kaufman   In this issue of BPT TAKEOFF is a topic that I thought might be of interest to our readers. How to better communicate with ATC and avoid misunderstandings or worse yet a VIOLATION.  A side note topic explains how I amend … Continued

Meet Our Instructors

Jim Gruneisen, ATP, CFI, CFII, SES 8,100 hours BPT Ground and Flight Instructor Jim Gruneisen is PIC for numerous political dignitaries and celebrities, as well as air ambulance flights for critically ill patients. BPT TAKEOFF visited with Jim about his career in aviation. BPT:   Jim, tell us about your start in aviation. JG:     I … Continued

What Customers Say

“First and foremost, the excellent staff of instructors affiliated with the BPT. Next, the ability to have a Beechcraft expert examine a customer’s aircraft, and give serious feedback to the owner. The companion program: won’t get that on line. The total passion that the group has to offer, combined with the collaborative collection of many … Continued

Whitepapers: Avemco

5 THINGS VFR PILOTS SHOULD SAY  By Gary Reeves, ATP, Master CFI, CFII, MEI Radio communication is always one of the hardest things to learn for many pilots. It actually seems to make flying more complicated sometimes. You’re already busy flying the plane when ATC (Air Traffic Control) gives you a call and talks so … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits: Get Ready For ADS-B

By January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace. Federal Regulations 14 CFR91.225 and 14 CFR 91.227 contain the details. ADS-B is transforming all segments of aviation. Real-time precision, shared situational awareness, advanced applications for pilots and controllers alike — these are the hallmarks of ADS-B NextGen surveillance. Real-time ADS-B is used now for air traffic control General aviation is safer with ADS-B traffic, … Continued

Test Your Knowledge

True or false: If you complete an IPC on September 1, 2019 but complete no approaches following this IPC, after September 1, 2020, you may re-establish instrument currency only by obtaining an IPC. You are on an approach and have just reached the MDA. You are still able to descend to the runway using normal … Continued