“First and foremost, the excellent staff of instructors affiliated with the BPT. Next, the ability to have a Beechcraft expert examine a customer’s aircraft, and give serious feedback to the owner. The companion program: won’t get that on line.

The total passion that the group has to offer, combined with the collaborative collection of many hours flying and owning a Bonanza or Baron. Tips that can save customer money, or an NTSB investigation. On-line training is good but we all know the computer is not interactive.

In closing, money well spent, a social outing, meeting fellow pilots and making new contacts/friends. A really good reason to go fly your bird!!”
— Scott E.

“We want to thank you all for such a good clinic @ Tucson. Even though we did not get to do the actual flying portion, due to malfunction of our right side rudder pedals, the presentations, walk around & inspections & all were so beneficial. Spending time with other proficient pilots and instructors is also so invaluable.

Last Friday, Feb. 8th, we flew with Randy Bailey from the Fort Collins/Loveland airport to finish what we couldn’t do in Tucson. Kent was very pleased and challenged. And I got to attempt 4 landings from the companion seat. Can’t say they were pretty landings by far but thanks to Randy, Bonanza 7150N is still airworthy!

Thank you also for the sweet gifts you gave us girls in the Companion Class in Tucson. You make us feel privileged to be Companions, and share the intrigue of flight with our pilots.

We are really enjoying the Lightspeed Headset, too. Very nice. Thanks again and we wish you all many more successful clinics and safe flying.”
— Kent & Cindy

“Flew out to Ft Collins Thursday after work. Friday spent the day doing my BPT flying that I didn’t get done while at the October clinic in Tulsa due to weather. Great time flying with Randy Bailey. Got a BFR and IPC done. Did a nice ground school on mountain flying too!”
— Matt M.

“We believe the clinics are very effective and look forward to attending each year. Count both of us in for San Marcos; we will be registering shortly! A big thank you to all involved for caring enough to put this organization together. We wish you much success.”
— Hetty B.