Sharing is Caring How Voluntary Reporting Programs Benefit Everyone By Jeffrey Smith, FAA Field Support Program Office   It’s a beautiful winter day with clear skies, unrestricted visibility, and no turbulence. You’re returning to your home base after getting lunch at a nearby airport. Your significant other is next to you, enjoying the benefits … Continued


Disclosing Drug & Alcohol Offenses Dr. Susan Northrup, FAA Federal Air Surgeon Most of you know that there are specific limits regarding alcohol consumption when you plan to fly. You must abstain from alcohol for at least 8 hours prior (12 hours in the military) and your blood alcohol level must be less than 0.04% … Continued


1. Which basic flight maneuver increases the load factor on an airplane as compared to straight-and-level flight? A. Turns B. Stalls C. Climbs D. Descents   2. Which instrument(s) will become inoperative if the static vents become clogged? A. Airspeed only B. Airspeed and altimeter C. Vertical speed and altimeter D. Airspeed, altimeter and vertical … Continued

Avemco Whitepaper

  By Jason Blair, ATP, CFI-I, MEI-I, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, AGI Modern avionics systems help us with lots of things as pilots. They can help us with traffic separation, more accurately navigate approaches to minimums, better navigate enroute, and give us better situational awareness. But one thing they can’t do (yet, and for most … Continued


Keeping the Cabin Warm and Safe By Rebekah Waters FAA Safety Briefing Magazine In the early days of flying, pilots only had a few options for staying warm while flying in winter weather. Initially, flight suits were the only option. By WWII, the Air Force equipped its planes with a Type F-1A utility heater: a … Continued

Hank’s Handy Flying Hints

Game On! Make That Field Without Power  By Hank Canterbury During training for simulated forced landings, either on or off an airport, I often see pilots overshoot the touchdown zone at a high rate of speed and rebound back into the air after forcing the plane to touchdown before it’s ready.  Unfortunately, this also happens … Continued