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Spatial Disorientation National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB] accident data suggests that spatial disorientation may be a precursor to many general aviation accidents — particularly in night or limited visibility weather conditions. Instrument and VFR pilots are subject to spatial disorientation and optical illusions that may cause loss of aircraft control.   What Is It? Sight, … Continued


Bonanza and Baron Descents without Harm or Alarm By Hank Canterbury Seems a lot of pilots have concerns about how to descend and not harm their engines.  There are lots of questions and misinformation floating around.  Descent time becomes like the old movie drama, “The Perils of Paulene.”  “How should I handle power reductions?  I’ve … Continued


  1. What are the requirements to log an ILS approach in VMC conditions for instrument currency?  a.  The flight must remain on an IFR flight plan throughout the approach and landing. b. The ILS approach can be credited only if you use a view-limiting device to minimums and log the name of the safety pilot. c. The … Continued


When Is the Last Time You flew An ILS Approach? By Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman With the advent of GPS just several decades ago, many of us have not flown an ILS approach in quite some time. As our avionics continue to improve, many pilots have panel updates scheduled or in progress, and in some … Continued

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Edward V. Pasquale B COMM, ATPL   I have always been fascinated by machinery – and an airplane is a really neat machine. As a teenager I was fortunate to work on my grandfather’s farm where I learned to drive a tractor, a combine harvester and other associated machinery. Whenever the wind was blowing from … Continued