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  Craig Kern ATP / MEL; Commercial ASEL & SES; CFI-A M&I; GI-A&I; Gold Seal Flight Instructor 12,000 flight hours / 8,600 instruction hours   BPT: What first attracted you to aviation – and why? CK: My father was a pioneer Eastern Air Lines Captain.  The experiences he shared piqued my interest in aviation. BPT: Craig, when and … Continued


Making It Count How Aircraft Transponder Signals Take the Guesswork Out of Counting Non-Towered Airport Operations   By Jennifer Caron, FAA Safety Briefing Copy Editor   “Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count, really count.”— Albert Einstein “I always feel like the runway is just long … Continued


  1. In relation to operating expenses and compensation while you are acting as pilot in command, the regulations specify that as a private pilot you may: A. Not share the operating expenses with passengers B. Share the operating expenses with passengers C. Share the operating expenses with passengers and receive compensation from them for … Continued


Do You Remember How to Dance? By Michael “Mick” Kaufman I feel it is extremely important for a pilot to hand-fly a precision approach down to minimums. I ask, “Can they keep the localizer and glideslope needles within the two-degree circle on the CDI indicator or HSI?” Now, let’s add in a gusty 30-knot crosswind: … Continued


JOIN US IN-PERSON — OR ONLINE — IN  NORFOLK! Join us live and in-person – or remotely via Zoom / “Fly Later” —  for the following BPT Clinics: Norfolk, VA [KORF] November 5-7, 2021 Each unique weekend experience includes a comprehensive in-person ground school, followed by type-specific, full-immersion training in your aircraft. Clinics are custom-designed … Continued