Get to Know Your Avionics By Michael “Mick” Kaufman It is springtime in Wisconsin – and along with spring comes turbulence, and those updrafts that glider pilots love. When I am bouncing around in a Bonanza and ATC decides to give me an amendment to my routing, that can get to be an interesting task. … Continued


Understanding Owner and Mechanic Roles and Responsibilities FAA Safety Briefing Although pilots and aircraft owners rely on mechanics to maintain and inspect their aircraft, the owner or operator is ultimately responsible for airworthiness. Pilots and owners should be proactive in their approach to maintenance, understand airworthiness responsibilities, and know the value of proper maintenance documentation … Continued

Safety First

By Susan Parson, Editor, FAA Safety Briefing magazine, Special Technical Assistant, FAA Flight Standards Service   In formal terms, personal minimums refer to an individual pilot’s set of procedures, rules, criteria, and guidelines for deciding whether and under what conditions to operate (or continue operating) in the National Airspace System. While this definition is accurate, … Continued

Register TODAY for the next BPT “Hybrid Clinic” June 25-27, 2021

Register TODAY for the next BPT “Hybrid Clinic” June 25-27, 2021 To keep you flying safely, BPT has scheduled the following “Hybrid Training” Clinic: BPT Virtual Ground School* Friday, June 25, 2021 10 am until 5 pm ET Online only; open to all pilots Initial & Recurrent Ground Schools consist of six 1-hour online classes … Continued

Test Your knowledge

1. In what flight condition are torque effects more pronounced in a single-engine airplane?  A. Low airspeed, high power, high angle of attack B. Low airspeed, low power, low angle of attack C. High airspeed, high power, high angle of attack   2. Each person who holds a pilot certificate or a medical certificate shall … Continued

Announcing the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarships

Bonanza / Baron Pilot Training, Inc. [BPT] and the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [AOPA] Foundation are honored to announce the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarships. The two scholarships, each at $3,000, are dedicated to supporting and encouraging students under 30 years of age to pursue careers in aviation. One scholarship is for primary flight instruction … Continued


William R. “Bob” Downing CFI, CFII, MEL, ATP 7,000 hours BPT: Bob, what was it that first attracted you to aviation – and why? BD:  In my senior year in high school, I worked part time at a men’s tailor shop. A gentleman came in wanted a custom-made suit. He owned small flight school. I … Continued