Bonanza / Baron Pilot Training, Inc. [BPT] and the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [AOPA] Foundation are honored to announce the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarships.

The two scholarships, each at $3,000, are dedicated to supporting and encouraging students under 30 years of age to pursue careers in aviation. One scholarship is for primary flight instruction [primary, recreational or sport certificate]. The second scholarship is for aviation maintenance.

Dave Monti earned his Aviation Mechanic Certificate in 1975 and he was an exceptional aviation maintenance technician. For more than 40 years, Dave practiced his trade and honed his skills. He founded Rebuilt Aircraft, originally in South Lake Tahoe, CA and subsequently in Minden, NV. He was recognized as the General Aviation Awards Program 2019 Maintenance Technician of the Year.

Many of you knew Dave through the numerous lectures he presented at BPT Clinics throughout the U.S. Dave conducted walk-arounds with more than 250 BPT pilots every year, helping them complete a thorough preflight inspection of their aircraft. He always made himself available to help other pilots – both far and near.

Applications for the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarships will open in late 2021 and remain open until February or March 2022.  Winners will be selected by the AOPA Foundation Scholarship Committee and notified in late Spring 2022. Funds will be delivered via prepaid debit card to be used for direct training expenses.

To help support the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarship fund, please mail your checks to:

AOPA Foundation
421 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701

Gifts can also be made online by clicking here. Please indicate that your gift is for the Dave Monti Aviation Scholarship fund, so that your donation is properly credited.