Hank Canterbury ATP MEL & SEL, CFII MEL & SEL 20,000+ flying hours, including 9,000 instructing, primarily in Beechcraft airplanes BPT: Hank, what first attracted you to aviation – and why? HC: Starting from early childhood I had a strong interest in things that flew. But I flunked kite flying so I moved on to … Continued

Recent BPT Hybrid Clinic Participant “Surprised & Pleased”   I wanted to give you some feedback, since you raised the question the other day on Zoom. First and foremost you guys do a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed flying with Geoff Nye. He did a great job and ,as always, I learned something, once … Continued

Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training

Register today for your choice of TWO BPT 2021 Hybrid Clinics: March 19-21, 2021 April 23-25, 2021 To keep you flying safely – while still remaining socially-distanced and protected – BPT has scheduled the following two “Hybrid Clinic Training Events: BPT Virtual Ground School* Friday, March 19, 2021 or Friday, April 23, 2021 Initial and … Continued


IT TAKES TWO! By Susan Parson, Editor, FAA Safety Briefing magazine, Special Technical Assistant, FAA Flight Standards Service (This article has been reprinted with permission from Susan Parson (, or @avi8rix for Twitter fans). She is the editor of the FAA Safety Briefing, as well as an active general aviation pilot and flight instructor.) A … Continued

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE  1. You are enroute to your destination, you listen to ATIS and the airport is below minimums for every approach. You divert to your alternate, which has an ILS approach. What minimums must exist to fly the approach at your alternate? A. 800’ ceilings and 2 SM visibility B. 2,000’ ceilings and … Continued


The Misunderstood Holding Pattern Examined By Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman, CFII In the last issue of BPT TAKEOFF, “Captain’s Corners” covered the topic of procedure turns, and when to do them. In looking at the some of the course reversals in procedure turns, they gave me the topic for this issue, “Holding Patterns”. Holding patterns … Continued

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  RISKY BUSINESS The What, How and Why of Risk Management by Susan Parson, FAA Safety Briefing “A SHIP IS ALWAYS SAFE AT THE SHORE — BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS BUILT FOR” — ALBERT EINSTEIN Once upon a time, pretty much everyone involved in aviation took an “accidents happen” view of the … Continued