Recent BPT Hybrid Clinic
Participant “Surprised & Pleased”


I wanted to give you some feedback, since you raised the question the other day on Zoom. First and foremost you guys do a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed flying with Geoff Nye. He did a great job and ,as always, I learned something, once again.

My real message is that I was very skeptical of a full day of a Zoom classroom. I’m generally a live in-person kind of student and the thought of sitting at a computer screen all day was not that exciting. I knew that I really needed to take the training, so I decided to suck it up and take the course, Zoom and all. Well…. I could not have been more surprised and pleased. The online course presentation was painless, easy to follow, and very well presented. I got everything I wanted if I had been live and in person.

A special ATTABOY to Dr. Greg Ricca. He did a great job and one of the best presentations in a long time.

Take care,

Adrian Jackson