Randy Bailey CFI,  CFII (Gold Seal), 22 years with BPT 5000 hours BPT:  Tell us about yourself – and your love of flying, Randy.   RB:   To me, flying was my childhood dream. As a teenager I literally rode my  bicycle to the local airport for an introductory glider ride. Then, after being an engineer … Continued


True or false: The installation of an emergency locator transmitter is not required on training aircraft within a 50 m. radius of the airport where the training flight originated. If an alteration or repair substantially affects an aircraft’s operation in flight, that aircraft must be test flown by an appropriately rated pilot and approved for … Continued

Pilots & Air Traffic Control May Receive Moderna Vaccine With Appropriate Precautions

Following the Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, the FAA has determined that pilots may receive the vaccine under the conditions of their FAA-issued airman medical certification. FAA Air Traffic Controllers, who are subject to FAA medical clearance, may also receive the vaccine. To maintain the highest level … Continued

Trust, but verify Take AIM to Avoid Terrain

By Susan K. Parson FAA Safety Briefing Editor You are an instrument-rated pilot, preparing to fly an instrument-equipped airplane on a day when instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) require the use of both. You are flying from a non-towered airport, and weather conditions won’t allow departing under VFR. No problem. You find the right frequency or … Continued

Organizing Your Aircraft’s Logs for Better Maintenance

By Jason Blair, ATP, CFI-I, MEI-I, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, AGI Several years ago, my wife and I purchased a 1947 Stinson 108-1. A few months after the purchase, we sent the plane to a mechanic friend of mine to conduct the first annual inspection under our ownership. Wanting to have a good idea of … Continued