Randy Bailey

CFI,  CFII (Gold Seal),
22 years with BPT
5000 hours

BPT:  Tell us about yourself – and your love of flying, Randy.


RB:   To me, flying was my childhood dream. As a teenager I literally rode my  bicycle to the local airport for an introductory glider ride.

Then, after being an engineer for 10 years, I decided if I were ever going to fly as a hobby, I needed to start.  So I did – and I soloed at my Colorado home airport at 5000 MSL.

Since then, I have flown more than 5,000 hours, mostly in Bonanzas and Barons.  I have had the good fortune to fly and help maintain the C33 Bonanza that Bill Hale has owned for 50 years.

When our kids were growing up, vacations involved loading everyone into the Bonanza to see some part of the country.  Now with an empty nest, my wife Pam — who is also the Registrar for BPT — and I have flown to Alaska twice, Nova Scotia / Newfoundland, and we have visited 80% of the US National Parks.  I have landed a plane in all 50 states.  Each one is what I would call a “Wonder trip!”


BPT: How did you become involved with BPT?

RB:   I became involved in BPT through Bill Hale. I have been very fortunate, in that Bill has been my mentor in all things Bonanza, and more.  We have had an amazing 30-year friendship.


BPT:  Why is BPT important to you?


RB:   I really love teaching, both flight and ground school.  Seeing a participant  light-up when they learn something new about their plane is just wonderful.  Knowing they will be a safer, more confident pilot just makes it better.



BPT:  What would you say makes BPT unique?


RB:   The weekend program format is perfect for undistracted time to concentrate
on all things Bonanza and Baron.  The interaction between participants |       and with instructors fuels a sense of excitement about their planes –and
especially about operating them safely.


BPT:  Would you recommend BPT to a new Bonanza or Baron Pilot?


RB:   Absolutely! I cannot imagine a better way for a pilot new to a
Bonanza/Baron to be immersed in knowledge and excitement for their


When you “don’t know what you don’t know,” BPT provides a fun, stress- free environment to learn from the experts.

BPT: How about for a seasoned pilot?  Would you still recommend BPT?


RB:   Without a doubt.  BPT offers the opportunity to refresh your knowledge,

learn about new topics, create new friendships and fly — all while having fun!  What could be better than that?