What Customers Say

A. Matykiewiez Bonanza N88IS “I continue to fly with BPT instructors outside of BPT for either an IPC or additional training. I have pursued additional ratings since purchasing my Bonanza. I’ve got my commercial certificate in my Bonanza and I’m also working on my CFI, now. It was an inspiration for me to fly with … Continued

What Customers Say

J. Tarver Baron N11EV “I want to have a better command of the airplane and I want to improve my level of comfort and knowledge about the airplane and its characteristics. I want to become a more competent and safer pilot.” BPT has a fantastic reputation. Hands-down they are the best for Beech-specific training. My … Continued

Test Your Knowledge

The Mode C part of your transponder is not functioning properly, and you need to fly to another airport for repairs. Without prior permission, you may not fly within or above Class C airspace or within 30 NM of a Class B airport. What altitude must you remain below? You lose your pilot certificate. When … Continued

What Customers Say

I recently completed the three-day class with BPT at Nashua, New Hampshire. With 45 years of flying and 28000 hours, I have to say this was the best training experience that I have ever had. I learned a ton about my F33, which I’ve owned for five years, flown it 600 hours, regarding systems, engine, … Continued

Earn Your Wings Credit Through BPT Training With IPC

The Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training, Inc (BPT) is an industry leading type-specific pilot training program for owners of Beechcraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons, Travelairs, Dukes, and other high performance Beechcraft airplanes. BPT offers the most comprehensive, practical, effective and enjoyable model-specific flight training available.  Unlike other training programs, the BPT curriculum involves the pilot in a full … Continued

Safety Whitepapers: It’s More Than “Fasten Your Seat Belt ” 

By David Jack Kenny, ATP ASEL, Commercial AMEL and Rotorcraft Helicopter 2,200+ hours combined “If you’ve been flying a while, you might be amazed at what new passengers don’t always know.” Our departure had been safe, but a bit tense.  On the Friday before Labor Day one of my two passengers wasn’t able to beat … Continued

Captain’s Corner

Challenges In Picking Up An Airborne IFR Clearance by Michael “Mick” Kaufman   In the world of aviation, there are many items, procedures, and regulations pilots do not have all of the answers for. Many times the people who should know — the FAA — don’t have the answers, either! Many aviation writers and self-appointed … Continued

Meet Our Instructors

Pam Freese, ATP, CFII MD88 / 90 Captain, Delta Airlines BPT Instructor; 20,000+ hours   BPT: Tell us about your career in aviation. What types of airplanes have you flown? Pam: I started off learning to fly in Tomahawks, so I got lots of single-engine, small Piper time. Tomahawks, Arrows, Archers, Warriors, stuff like that. … Continued