The Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training, Inc (BPT) is an industry leading type-specific pilot training program for owners of Beechcraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons, Travelairs, Dukes, and other high performance Beechcraft airplanes. BPT offers the most comprehensive, practical, effective and enjoyable model-specific flight training available.  Unlike other training programs, the BPT curriculum involves the pilot in a full immersion weekend training clinic offering ground and flight instruction in your own aircraft.  The live, in person BPT ground school on Friday covers Beechcraft-specific systems, basic techniques & procedures training for pilots who may be new to their aircraft as well as recurrent ground/flight training for more seasoned pilots in all models of Beechcraft Bonanza, Debonair, Baron, Travelair, Duke, and other high performance Beechcraft airplanes.  Ground training topics provide review of safety, regulatory and scenario-based presentations on such topics as Weather in the cockpit, emergency procedures, IFR procedures, multi-engine topics, glass cockpit tips & techniques, and many more.

Flight instruction complements the ground training and provides a safe, fun learning environment where pilots can practice normal & hi-performance maneuvers, abnormal & emergency procedures, instrument approaches & procedures.  BPT CFIs not only have thousands of hours – they each have thousands of hours in your type and model of aircraft.  Flight training is conducted over a 5-hour period on Saturday or Sunday; and when a pilot is not flying, there are always ground training/maintenance review opportunities available.

There is a concurrent Companion Training Program which is designed specifically for non-pilot companions, including spouses, other family members or friends.  Completing this course will offer a greater understanding of the details encountered on every flight helping a companion to become more comfortable in the airplane and increasing their enjoyment of flight.  Additionally, a Companion may also enroll in a flight option where they will handle the controls of their own airplane with an experienced BPT CFI right alongside showing them a few key things helpful in an emergency and tips for landing.


The objective of BPT are to have fun while improving:

*          Operational safety

*          Knowledge of the airplane

*          Confidence and enjoyment in the operation of the airplane

Pilots successfully completing the ground school and flight training will earn a Flight Review (BFR) endorsement and may qualify for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) endorsement, as well.  Knowledge and Flight credits are available for the FAA’s WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program, including the initial WINGS Level, as well as the Knowledge Credits for Advanced and Master WINGS levels.



Additional information about this professional Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training  (BPT) program, including cost and the schedules for weekend clinics and enrollment information is available at or by calling 970-206-0182.

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The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:

Basic Flight 1 – 1 Credit
Basic Flight 2 – 1 Credit
Basic Knowledge 1 – 1 Credit
Basic Flight 3 – 1 Credit
Basic Knowledge 2 – 1 Credit
Basic Knowledge 3 – 1 Credit
Advanced Flight 2 – 2 Credits
Advanced Knowledge 1 – 1 Credit
Advanced Knowledge 2 – 1 Credit
Advanced Knowledge 2 – 2 Credits
Master Knowledge 2 – 2 Credits
Master Knowledge 1 – 1 Credit

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