Kudos to Companions

Designed specifically for non-pilot companions, including spouses, significant others, family members and friends, the BPT Companion Course is the only one of its kind in aviation. Congratulations to these companions, who successfully completed the course at a recent BPT Clinic! Lucinda Ray with BPT Flight Instructor Kent “Eagle” Ewing KTUS 2019 BPT Clinic Joni Percoski … Continued

Single Pilot Resource Management

By Mick Kaufman As pilots, we have all heard / seen references to the FAA terms crew resource management (CRM), single pilot resource management (SRM) and aeronautical decision-making (ADM). These are terms that we do not use everyday in aviation, but they become part of our vocabulary at check-ride time. I chose these topics for … Continued

What Customers Say

“I think the ground school is really good, and the flying is challenging. I mean, they’ll do anything you want to do.” — Biff L.   “I don’t think there’s any place that you can find the level of expertise and depth of knowledge. Every one of the staff members is about as experienced as … Continued

Test Your Knowledge

A pilot completes an IPC on July 1, 2019. If the pilot completes no approaches following this IPC, after July 1, 2020 the pilot may re-establish instrument currency only through obtaining an IPC. True or false? A friend asks you to fly with him in his Baron while he practices instrument approaches under the hood. … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits: Let’s Talk “Icing”

When an aircraft is flying near the top of the cold air mass beneath a deep layer of warm air, serious icing can occur. Conditions that make icing worse: Any freezing precipitation Freezing rain / drizzle / sleet Very wet conditions High cloud tops – buckets of water Maritime air Great Lakes / northwest Top … Continued

Meet Our Instructors: Waldo Anderson, ATP, CFII

Waldo Anderson, ATP, CFII Former Chief Pilot, University of Minnesota Has flown Beechcraft products since 1959 33,000+ hours BPT: Tell us about your career in aviation. We understand you even have some Hollywood movie experience! WALDO: I did basically all of my flying in Minnesota and even flew for the University of Minnesota for 37 … Continued