1. A pilot completes an IPC on July 1, 2019. If the pilot completes no approaches following this IPC, after July 1, 2020 the pilot may re-establish instrument currency only through obtaining an IPC.
    True or false?
  2. A friend asks you to fly with him in his Baron while he practices instrument approaches under the hood. You are current to carry passengers in your Bonanza.
    Can you legally act as a safety pilot for your friend – and why?
  3. What is the obstacle clearance a pilot must maintain within 4 nm of mountainous terrain on an IRF flight that is cleared to operate VFR on top?
  4. The Mode C part of your transponder is not functioning and you need to fly to another airport for repairs. Without prior permission, you may not fly within or above Class C airspace or within 30 NM of a Class B airport. What altitude must you remain below?
  5. A Military Route identified as VR1207 is a VFR route below what altitude?
  6. Unless otherwise specified in a departure procedure, no turns are to be made below 500’ AGL.
    True or false?
  7. You are on an approach and have just reached the MDA. You are still in a position to descend to the runway using normal rates of descent and the flight visibility is greater than prescribed on the approach procedure. However, the only visual reference you have in sight is the VASI. It is legal to descend below the MDA?
  8. On final approach to the runway, the tower calls you and says, “The preceding aircraft reported a 10 Knot airspeed gain at 300 AGL.” What is the name of the weather phenomenon about which the tower is alerting you?


Answers: 1. False – August 1, 2020 is correct; 2 No. You must have an Airplane Multiengine Land rating in order to act as safety pilot for your friend in his Baron. 3. 2,000’ AGL within any obstacle within 4 nm; 4. 10,000’ MSL; 5. Below 1,500 AGL; 6. False. No turns are to be made below 400’ AGL. 7. Yes. 8. Wind shear.