Frankenstein’s Airplane The Sometimes Tricky Business of Modifying Aircraft By James Williams FAA Safety Briefing Magazine The “Frankenplane” is a concept FAA Safety Briefing first explored in the 2014 article “Beware the Frankenplane!” (See our May/Jun 2014 edition at in our archive.) It alludes to Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Shelley’s work tells the story of … Continued


  1. Unless ATC authorizes you otherwise, when you’re operating under IFR in controlled airspace, you are required to report all of the following as soon as possible except: a. Confirmation of forecasted weather b. Unforecast weather conditions encountered c. Safety information about the flight   2. You’re enroute to your destination, you listen to … Continued


  Fly Like a PRO Professionalism and Flight Discipline in General Aviation By Everette Rochon FAA Training and Certification Group Manager If you’re interested in aviation, it’s a safe bet that you have seen video of the carefully orchestrated operations on board an aircraft carrier flight deck. You’ve seen the pitching deck, the closely-packed jets, … Continued


Read the Room; Take the Hint If Other Pilots Aren’t Flying, Should You Press Ahead? By Jason Blair FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) The aviation community is a small world. In this environment, we each have the opportunity for positive influence on fellow pilots if we choose to use it. We particularly have a duty … Continued