Once A Bush Pilot By Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman   The following is a true story about an Alaskan bush pilot – and it concludes one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in Southwest Wisconsin’s aviation history. In June 1971, I moved to Richland Center, Wisconsin for a summer job directly out of college in order … Continued


The Startle Response Fatal general aviation accidents often result from inappropriate responses to unexpected events. Humans are subject to a “startle response” when they are faced with unexpected emergency situations and may delay action or initiate involuntary action in response to the emergency. Training and preparation can reduce startle response time and promote more effective … Continued

Tips N’ Tidbits

CFIT/Automation Overreliance   Technological advances in situational awareness have dramatically reduced the number of GA Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents. However, the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) has found that reliance on automation is a precursor to CFIT events. Awareness of automation limitations and pilot proficiency in flying with and without automation are … Continued


1. What incident would necessitate an immediate notification to the nearest NTSB office? a. An in-fight fire b. An in-flight radio failure c. Ground damage to the propeller blades d. An in-fight loss of VOR receive capability   2. How long does the Airworthiness Certificate of an aircraft remain valid? a. As long as the … Continued


Obstacle Takeoffs in Bonanzas and Barons    By Hank Canterbury Should I use Vx or Vy?  How about adding partial flaps?  Although your Pilot’s Operating Handbook [POH] may not have a table for using flaps, it is permissible to use them if you desire.  Please be sure to read the “Cautions” section below before you … Continued


BPT: Sam, what first attracted you to aviation – and why? SS: Aviation has always been a “thing” for me.  Even as a child, I was obsessed  with flight. BPT: Tell us when you learned how to fly – and where were you then? SS: I learned how to fly in the United States Air … Continued