AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE By Leo M. Hattrup, M.D. FAA Medical Officer Sight is the most important sense we use in aviation. From pre-flight to taxi, and in all aspects of flight, sight is key — especially when it comes to “seeing” and avoiding any risks or conflicts. Visual standards for Class … Continued


Amend and Fly a Re-route Clearance By Michael “Mick” Kaufman Many years ago, before the word GPS became part of our vocabulary, I took up the challenge to help a new IFR pilot, who was violated for being off the airway that she was supposed to be on. This led me to a passion to … Continued


  1. Unless otherwise authorized, which situation requires Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B)? A.   Landing at an airport with an operating control tower B.   Overflying Class C airspace below 10,000 feet MSL C.   Flying under the shelf of Class C airspace   2. The correct method of stating 5,500 feet MSL to … Continued


By: Pat Andrews, CMS, USAF, Retired Captain Kent, aka “eagle,” et al, Greetings from the western “slopes” of the Ozarks. I thought you might like some fresh real world “there I was” information that concludes with a “kudo” for lessons learned from BPT. Last week (April 12) I was IFR in N391S (BE55B) from KEOS … Continued


Ken Wittekiend Commercial, ASEL ASES, Master CFI 12,500 hours   BPT:  Ken, what was it that first attracted you to aviation – and why? KW: It was the joy and freedom of exploring remote new places by general aviation aircraft. BPT: So, tell us: when and where did you learn how to fly? KW:  I … Continued