Insuring to Value By Marci Veronie, Senior Vice President Avemco Insurance Company “How do I know if I have enough insurance on my airplane? What’s the hazard of insuring it for too little? How much is too much?”   These are questions I hear all the time. Determining the proper insured value is one of … Continued


The Anatomy of a Wrong Surface Event Discernment Through Dissection FAA Safety Briefing Follow Feb 26 · 8 min read By Nick DeLotell, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector   → Right-click here and open a new tab/window to follow along with our companion animation. As you roll out of the right turn from base to final, you’re lower and closer … Continued


Circle-to-Land Approaches By Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman, CFII       I recently heard a story via the aviation telegraph of a pilot failing an instrument check ride with the FAA because of his refusal to do a circling approach. The flight was conducted in actual IMC conditions at night.  It was the judgment of … Continued


1. You’re traveling east on V244 approaching the Coaldale [OAL] VOR and you are in radar contact. Because the Coaldale VOR is a compulsory reporting point, do you need to make a position report?  2. Unless ATC authorizes you otherwise, when you’re operating under IFR in controlled airspace, you are required to report all of … Continued

Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training

Register today for the 23-25 April 2021 BPT “Hybrid Clinic”! To keep you flying safely – while still remaining socially-distanced and protected – BPT has scheduled the following “Hybrid Clinic Training Event: BPT Virtual Ground School* Friday, April 23, 2021 Initial and Recurrent Ground School [online only; open to all pilots, regardless of location] Friday … Continued

Meet Our Instructors

John C. Eckalbar, Ph. D., ATP, CFI-I   BPT: John, as always, it’s great to talk with you!  Tell me, what first attracted you to aviation – and why? JE: My father was a Naval Aviator in WWII. He flew B24’s and PB4Y-2’s in the South Pacific island campaign.  Later he flew for Northwest, then … Continued