Aircraft Mufflers — The Hidden Danger You Need to Know By Jennifer Caron, FAA Safety Briefing Copy Editor Photo By: Adrian Eichhorn What if I said that the exhaust system muffler on an airplane is just as critical as the main rotor retaining nut on a helicopter? Would you agree? There is no doubt that … Continued

Prevention of Aircraft Accident Resulting from the Pilot’s Use of Impairing Medications

FAA FACT SHEET Pilots may not be aware of the ubiquitous presence of sedating antihistamines in many over‐the‐counter (OTC) treatments for allergies, coughs, colds, sleep aids; or may not discuss the side effects of prescription medications with their treating doctor. In addition to the sedative effects from many medications, another significant concern is impairment of … Continued


By Kent Ewing, Vice President, BPT INC A few months ago, my friend Todd Ericson, President of Society of Experimental Test Pilots called and asked if BPT (Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training) could provide some hands on training of the eight pilots who were flying the Virgin Galactic Baron…a BE58TC. Of course the answer was YES and … Continued

Captain’s Corner

Get That Clearance Right: Some Tips on Handling Difficult IFR Clearances PART II By Mick Kaufman I have found an interesting human factor when training new instrument pilots, which you may relate to and I will describe it this way. When training pilots for an instrument rating, a common example is using the “Five Ts” … Continued

Test Your Knowledge

True or false: If you complete an IPC on September 1, 2019 but complete no approaches following this IPC, after September 1, 2020, you may re-establish instrument currency only by obtaining an IPC. You are on an approach and have just reached the MDA. You are still able to descend to the runway using normal … Continued

What Customers Say

“John Eckalbar’s points about “Flying by the Numbers.”  I’m currently working on my CFII, I’m just about finished with it and that’s one of the things, you know, if he is going on and on about power and performance and being able to teach it like that really makes it so simple.” — Jennifer D-M. … Continued