“John Eckalbar’s points about “Flying by the Numbers.”  I’m currently working on my CFII, I’m just about finished with it and that’s one of the things, you know, if he is going on and on about power and performance and being able to teach it like that really makes it so simple.”
— Jennifer D-M.

“A lot of these guys as I say have been flying forever; they’ve seen an awful lot and they’re willing to share it. Flying is all about learning and every time you come here, you learn something.  You have to stay sharp and if you don’t do recurrent training on a regular basis, it’s really easy to not be sharp anymore.  If you’re not sharp when it counts, it can cost you badly.”
— Frank W.

“I’ve always had good instructors. They customize it to the way you want it. Every time I come back here I learn something new.”
— Dan G.

“We went out and did just unbelievable things: 60-degree banks, aggravated stalls, the spiral dive… Kent Ewing, that man has more knowledge in his little finger than I will ever amass in my life about these planes.”
— Kimberly N.

“Bill Hale never fails to impress, demonstrating fascinating nuances of the Garmin, the autopilot, the iPad, etc. just the kind of things you’d much rather see in training than at night on an approach! I have to say, I look forward to the classes and especially the flying part of the weekend all year.”
— Aaron M.

“Thanks to Bill, Kent, John, and everyone else who makes this superior level of type specific training possible, especially at such a reasonable price!!”
— Aaron M.

“My fiancé, son and I just finished a most enjoyable weekend learning from and flying with a great team of Bonanza/Baron instructors.”
— Scott M.