Meet Our Instructors

Richard Bennett “R. B.” Hirsch, III, CFII, MEI: 10+ years with BPT; Type Rated in a CE-560XL; 6,000+ hours   BPT: How did you get your start in aviation? HIRSCH: For me, aviation was a bit of a different story than for most people. I went to a boys’ Catholic high school. During my junior … Continued

Kudos to Companions

Meet BPT Companion Course Graduate Stephanie Stone Horton    BPT: How many BPT Companion Clinics have you attended? Stephanie: This is my fourth.  BPT:  Why do you come to the BPT Companion Clinics? Stephanie: I come every year for refresher training — for, you know, the worst case scenario. God forbid something should happen to … Continued

Whitepapers: P2 Aviation Technology, Inc.

Gear-up Accidents: They Can Happen to Anybody!  By Steve Petrich It is well known within the General Aviation community that gear-up landings have been a problem ever since the invention of retractable landing gear. In spite of the legendary “GUMP” checks, etc, these inadvertent events happen across a broad spectrum of pilots and continue to … Continued

Captain’s Corner

Get That Clearance Right! Tips on Handling Difficult IFR Clearances PART I By Mick Kaufman For a well-trained pilot what is a routine operation can be an emergency to one who is not well trained. Today, we see pilots/aircraft owners spend tens of thousands of dollars for state-of-the-art avionics but hesitate to spend even a … Continued