In addition to the ever-popular Weekend Clinics, and the industry’s only Companion Ground & Flight Training Courses, Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training (BPT) now offers Expanded Services. Each one is designed to help you “Stay current. Maintain proficiency. Be confident. Fly like a pro.” You may choose from any of these programs.

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BPPP Online — then Fly with a BPT Instructor

After you complete the BPPP Online Training, you can choose to fly with a BPT CFI and earn a “BPT Completion Certificate” to show your accomplishment, share it with your insurance company, and request a discounted premium.

All Beechcraft models: $450*

Is that your Duke on the Ramp?

Immerse yourself in 12 hours of intensive ground instruction as part of a comprehensive BPT Duke Flight Training Program.

Beechcraft Dukes: $1,245

Additional Training with a BPT Instructor

Perhaps you’ve already completed a BPT weekend clinic or you are new to your Beechcraft and you need some additional individualized training. A BPT Instructor will come to your home airport and provide ground & flight training in your aircraft for a daily rate.

Bonanzas & Barons: $845first day / $645additional days*
P-Barons & Dukes: $1,145first day / $945additional days*

Additional Training following a BPT Clinic

Perhaps you’ve already registered for a BPT weekend clinic and you would like to have a bit more flight training than you receive during the clinic weekend. You can add on one full day of Bonanza/Baron training at the clinic airport.

All Beechcraft models: $695

Beechcraft “Rusty Pilot” Special

If you haven’t flown in a while — or if you are new to your aircraft or its avionics — the Rusty Pilots Special may be just what you need. Register for a regular BPT Clinic, and instead of flying for 4 hours, you will fly two 3-hour flight training sorties (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) with an expert BPT Instructor.

All Beechcraft models: $595 (plus clinic registration)

Still can’t find the training program you’re looking for?

Just give us a call at 970-206-0182, and BPT will customize a training option for you or your Companion and link you with an expert instructor to specifically fulfill your needs and objectives.

*Excluding Instructor Travel & Per Diem as may apply