1.  As pilot in command, when are you required to wear your safety belt?

A.  During flight
B.  During takeoff and landing
C.  When flying through turbulent conditions
D.  During taxi, takeoff and landing and enroute

2. What is the maximum indicated airspeed for flights at or below 2,500 feet AGL within four nautical miles of the primary airport of a Class C or D airspace area?

A. 156 knots (180 m.p.h.)
B.  200 knots (230 m.p.h.)
C.  230 knots (265 m.p.h.)
D.  265 knots (305 m.p.h.)

3.  Your transponder was inspected and tested on April 24, 2019. What date will the inspection period lapse on the transponder?

A.  June 30, 2019
B.  July 1, 2021
C.  May 1, 2021
D.  April 24, 2021

4.  Compliance with the VFR cruising altitudes is required:

A.  At any altitude
B.  Above 3,000 feet AGL
C.  Above 5,000 feet AGL
D.  Above 10,000 feet MSL

5.  You pick up an IFR clearance in your Bonanza at a non-towered airport, with a clearance void time of 1815Z. What do you need to do by 1815Z?

A.  Begin taxiing by 1815Z
B.  Start your takeoff roll by 1815Z
C.  Be airborne by 1815Z
D.  Contact ATC while airborne by 1815Z

6.  What’s the minimum climb gradient for all IFR departures, unless is it otherwise specified?

A.  100 feet per nautical mile
B.  200 feet per nautical mile
C.  300 feet per nautical mile
D.  400 feet per nautical mile
E.  500 feet per nautical mile
F.   600 feet per nautical mile



Answers:1. D; 2. B; 3. C; 4. B; 5. C; 6. B