1. What feature is normally associated with the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?

A. Roll cloud

B. Frequent lightning

C. Continuous updraft

D. Turbulence


2. One purpose of the dual ignition system on an aircraft engine is to provide for:

A. Improved engine performance

B. Reduction in detonation

C. Uniform heat distribution

D. Balanced cylinder head pressure


3. An electrical system failure (battery and alternator) occurs during flight. In this situation you would:

A. Experience avionics equipment failure

B. Probably experience failure of the engine ignition system, fuel gauges, aircraft lighting system, and avionics equipment

C. Probably experience engine failure due to the loss of the engine-driven fuel pump and also experience failure of the radio equipment, lights, and all instruments that require alternating current

D. Experience loss of some navigational instruments


4. Excessively high engine temperatures will:

A. Cause damage to heat-conducting hoses and warping of the cylinder cooling fins.

B. Cause loss of power, excessive oil consumption and possible permanent internal engine damage

C. Require a total engine overhaul

D. Not appreciably affect an aircraft engine


5. Which statement relates to Bernoulli’s principle?

A. An additional upward force is generated as the lower surface of the wing deflects sir downward

B. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

C. Air traveling faster over the curved upper surface of an airfoil causes lower pressure on the top surface

D. An increase in fluid pressure that results when fluid flows through a constricted section of a conduit


6. The angle of attack at which an airplane wing stalls will:

A. Change with an increase in gross weight 

B. Increase if the CG is moved aft

C. Remain the same, regardless of the gross weight of the aircraft

D. Increase if the CG is moved forward




































1.C; 2. A; 3. A; 4. B; 5.C; 6.C