1. Assume an in-flight emergency occurs which requires immediate action.
As the pilot in command, you may:
a. Not deviate from any FARs
b. Not deviate from FARs unless permission is obtained from ATC
c. Deviate from FARs to the extent required to meet that emergency
d. Deviate from the FARs to the extent required to meet the emergency but
must then submit a written report to the Administrator within 24 hours

2. No person may act as a crewmember of a civil aircraft within eight hours after the consumption of any alcoholic beverage or while having alcohol in the blood with is:
a. Detectable
b. .04% by weight or more
c. .05% by volume or more
d. .09% by weight or more

3. While on base leg in an airport traffic pattern, you sight another airplane on a two-mile final. The airplane that has the right-of-way is the one:
a. That is the least maneuverable
b. Which is closest to the landing threshold
c. On final approach, regardless of altitude
d. You are flying, provided you are at the lowest altitude

4. The maximum indicated airspeed for flight below 10,000 feet MSL, unless otherwise authorized or required by ATC, is:
a. 180 knots
b. 200 knots
c. 250 knots
d. 400 knots

5. During a cross-country flight at an altitude below 18,000 feet, you should set the altimeter to:
a. 29.92 when operating at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet AGL
b. The setting of a station along the route and within 100 n.m. of the aircraft c. The departure airport elevation, and reset it to the destination airport
setting at the midpoint of the flight
d. The departure airport elevation, a station at the midpoint of the flight, and
finally to the destination airport setting when you are within 10 n.m. of the

6. What action, if any, may be required if you deviate from an ATC instruction during an emergency and are given priority over other air traffic?
a. No action is required
b. Upon the request of ATC, file a report of that emergency with the
manager of that ATC facility within 48 hours
c. File a report with the chief of the ATC facility within 48 hours
d. File a detailed report within 48 hours with the manager of the air traffic
control facility


1. C; 2. B; 3. C; 4. C; 5. B; 6. B