1.  Deviation error of the magnetic compass is caused by:

A. Northerly turning error

B. Certain metals and electrical systems within the aircraft

C. The difference in location of true north and magnetic north


2. What document(s) must be in your personal possession or readily accessible in the aircraft while operating as pilot in command of an aircraft?

A.  Certificates showing accomplishment of a checkout in the aircraft and a current biennial flight review.

B. A pilot certificate with an endorsement showing accomplishment of an annual flight review and a pilot logbook showing recency of experience.

C. An appropriate pilot certificate and an appropriate current medical certificate if required.


3. When are non-rechargeable batteries of an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) required to be replaced?

A.  Every 24 months

B.  When 50 percent of their useful life expires

C.  At the time of each 100-hour or annual inspection


4. What minimum pilot certification is required for operation within Class B airspace?

A.  Recreational Pilot Certificate.

 B. Private Pilot Certificate or Student Pilot Certificate with appropriate logbook endorsements.

C.  Private Pilot Certificate with an instrument rating.



5. Refer to figure above. While practicing S-turns, a consistently smaller half-circle is made on one side of the road than on the other, and this turn is not completed before crossing the road or reference line. This would most likely occur in turn:

A. 1-2-3 because the bank is decreased too rapidly during the latter part of the turn.

B. 4-5-6 because the bank is increased too rapidly during the early part of the turn.

C. 4-5-6 because the bank is increased too slowly during the latter part of the turn.


6. The operating principle of float-type carburetors is based on the:

A. Automatic metering of air at the venturi as the aircraft gains altitude

B. Difference in air pressure at the venturi throat and the air inlet

C. Increase in air velocity in the throat of a venturi causing an increase in air pressure




























1. B; 2. C;   3.B;   4.B;   5.B;   6.  B