Concorde Aircraft Batteries:
The Heart of Your Aircraft
Means Peace of Mind for Pilots


You start your mental pre-flight as you walk out to your aircraft.  You’ve filed your flight plan, NOTAM’s have been reviewed and the weather is perfect!  Looking over your aircraft, there are no abnormalities.  Climb in, seat belt latched, turning the battery master switch on you note that voltage is exactly where it is supposed to be and you crank up to another smooth engine start; after all you’ve invested in a Concorde Platinum Series RG® battery.  You and your fellow pilots know that when you are flying with a Concorde battery you are sure you are flying with a proven, reliable and safe premium lead acid battery.


Concorde Battery Corporation was established in 1977 and is pleased to have continued handcrafting batteries in West Covina, California for over 40 years.  Today, Concorde manufactures over 100 aircraft specific batteries under accreditations from the United States military, the Federal Aviation Association’s Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) and FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C173, as well as ISO 9001 + AS:9100 Quality Management System. After 39 years of exclusively manufacturing in West Covina, 2016 marked the opening of a second facility on the east coast in Austell, Georgia which has significantly expanded Concorde’s production capabilities.

The company started with a focus on dry charged, flooded batteries, also known as wet lead acid batteries, developed and manufactured to the requirements of military specifications.  Successfully satisfying the US Government’s desire for a highly reliable battery evolved into development of commercial aircraft batteries.  In the 1980’s, Concorde designed an efficient and reliable pressure relief valve.  The valve allowed for a better performing and highly reliable absorbed glass mat (AGM) design and Concorde’s sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) line of recombinant gas (RG®) batteries, the RG® Series, was born.


VRLA technology gained wide acceptance in the industry based on its maintenance free design and safe operational characteristics.  RG® Series batteries provide more power and don’t spill or require electrolyte/acid replenishment like their flooded lead acid counterparts.  Pilots and mechanics alike benefit from the sealed technology because there is no acid spray when overcharged and no acid spillage when inverted on the ground or in flight, saving the aircraft and aircraft systems from corrosion and the mechanics from hours of laborious clean up.


Concorde’s RG® Series batteries receive premium status based on their unique design characteristics and meticulous manufacturing processes.  Concorde takes extra measures to prevent shorts caused by shock and vibration in operation through multiple channels including a proprietary PolyGuard® separator system.  This additional layer of protection increases performance and prevents micro shorts from developing  through the AGM and the battery plates.  No other manufacturer takes this extra step to protect your investment.  An RG® battery takes 6 weeks to build.  Concorde batteries are handcrafted by highly skilled employees who have acquired the necessary experience regarding the detailed nuances of the manufacturing process.  Batteries are inspected at various stages of the manufacturing process.  This insures that you will receive the highest quality, best performing battery available. Every detail is checked, each grid, plate, group, and cell.  This, in conjunction with extended curing and formation times to ensure optimal composition, and many additional proprietary processes set Concorde RG® batteries apart from the competition. Finally, every RG® battery is tested, weighed and fully charged ensuring it is ready for installation when shipped from the factory.  A Concorde battery is not shipped if it fails any step in this process which is why you can count on your Concorde battery providing years of trouble-free service!


Concorde’s job isn’t complete when the battery ships.  With a focus on maximizing the life of your battery, Concorde is committed to arming you with the knowledge to protect your investment.  With the industry’s largest and most skilled Technical Sales and Customer Service teams, Concorde is always at your fingertips with a desire to assist and educate you on caring for your battery.  Concorde has made training available through engagement with numerous pilot groups, tradeshow appearances, IA renewals for mechanics and individual training opportunities. Now, with the impact of COVID-19, the same information has been made available through YouTube videos and online IA webinars coming in January 2021.


Supported by industry leading customer service, unparalleled engineering expertise and a dedicated, knowledgeable sales team, Concorde is always just a phone call away!

Concorde batteries are available through a professional worldwide Distributor network that can be found at Proven, Recognized and Respected, Concorde RG® Series batteries get the job done!