Charles M. “Chuck” Cook


BPT TAKEOFF:  What first attracted you to aviation – and why?

CC: From an early age, I have always been drawn to aviation. Started by building Balsa and tissue models, along with the plastic models of various aircraft. My Grandad would take me to the airport at Salisbury, NC to walk around and look at the planes. On a few occasions, he would rent a plane and pilot to fly us around the area.

BBT TAKEOFF: When and where did you learn how to fly?

COOK: I began flying at Mangham airport, now a housing development, in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. My introductory flight was January 22nd, 1975, and I started with regular lessons 3/31/1975. My private Pilot check ride was done on my 17th birthday [10/03/1975] in a Cessna C150 N45023.

BBT TAKEOFF: What aircraft have you flown?

COOK: The list would fill a full page! I have flown most all of the models of the major manufacturers: Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper, plus others such as the Maule, Grumman, Stinson, Stearman, and many experimental aircraft. This would include the most basic single engine piston to Twin engine turboprop planes such as Cheyennes and King Airs, SETP TBMs and Meridians.

BPT TAKEOFF:  What do you currently fly /own?

COOK:  That is two very different questions. Currently I own a highly modified J35 Bonanza, and a Piper Warrior II. I also do contract flying work for several different companies, flying both piston and turboprop aircraft.

BPT TAKEOFF: What are some of the highlights of your flying career?

COOK:  My work with Continental Motors would be the preeminent thought. I have had the opportunity to work as both Experimental Development Project Pilot, STC development, troubleshooting maintenance flights, and verification of repairs or new avionics installations proof testing. I am also proud to be a volunteer pilot for the Pilots for Christ AL organization flying a King Air to aid cancer patients in need of transportation for treatment.

BPT TAKEOFF: How did you become involved with BPT?

COOK: I was referred to the group as it was under a previous organization when I had questions specific to training in Beechcraft airplanes.

BPT TAKEOFF: Why is BPT important to you?

 COOK:  I believe that it is important to get quality, brand-specific training out to the owner / operator. As both Flight Instructor and Maintenance Instructor, much insight can be provided to the owner operator from both sides of the spectrum.

BPT TAKEOFF: What makes BPT unique?

COOK: The BPT weekend experience that combines many knowledgeable instructors along with the camaraderie of the other pilots of the like airplanes.

BPT TAKEOFF: Why would you recommend BPT to a new pilot?

COOK: Because there is much to learn about the Bonanza / Baron line that may not be available at the local level.

BPT TAKEOFF: How about to a seasoned pilot?

COOK: New topics and discussions are being added to make sure that the material stays relevant and fresh.

BPT TAKEOFF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

COOK: Yes! This is absolutely one of the most fun things that I get to do on clinic weekends!