Dan Ramirez, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, 5000 + Training hours

Dan Ramirez

5000 + Training hours

As a child, I was always fascinated by airplanes. I often wondered what it would be

like to fly like a bird.


In 1990, I learned to fly at the Aeroclub at March Air Force Base in Riverside, California. My wife was a secretary at the Aeroclub, so I was able to take advantage of

being trained by retired Air Force instructors. As a result, I had very structured flight training, which I have carried with me to this very day.


I have flown T-41s (C-172) T-34s, All models of Bonanzas and Barons, Cessna 414s, Cirrus, many Piper singles and twins, Mooneys and DA-40s. My specialty is turbocharged

airplanes. For 16 years, I owned a beautiful V-35a. Now, I have the privilege of flying owners’ aircraft.

I think that perhaps the biggest highlight in aviation is inspiring my kids in aviation careers. My son is a captain and my daughter is a flight attendant; both are with major airlines!


I actually attended BPT back in 1994 in Phoenix.  I liked it so much that after the clinic I asked to join the team as an instructor. A year later, I became a certified BPT instructor. and


As far as I’m concerned, there is no other program like BPT.  I call it full-immersion trainng. It allows me to share my skills with others eager to learn more and keep their skills sharp. Instructing also helps to keep me up to speed, as well!

Our entire instructor cadre is highly-experienced. We are under close scrutiny by our

management staff, as well as our clients who trust us. We are constantly seeking to

be better!


BPT is especially important to new Bonanza and Baron owners because there is so much inconsistency in training out there. We train to a standard and tailor each session to the

experience and abilities of our clients. Moreover, all of us have experience in the owner’s

model aircraft and we are able to pinpoint fine differences in each model.


Seasoned pilots know how important BPT is for recurrent training. We

have pilots from all experience levels from private pilots to astronauts! Some have

been entrusting us with their training for more than 30 years!


I am truly the luckiest CFI out there! Each and every instructor I work with is an

outstanding individual. We have always been close to our clients, as well.


Most of all, we all work towards one goal: Stay safe out there!