Robert H. “Bob” Kinnie

Airplane single-engine land & sea
Airplane multi-engine land
Instrument airplane
Total time: 15,621 hours


BPT TAKEOFF: Bob, what first attracted you to aviation?

RK: My mother told me that the very first word out of my mouth was “Plane!” When I was fifteen, a friend of my dad’s treated me to an airplane ride at the local airport. That fueled my passion for aviation – and it has continued throughout my flying career.

BPT TAKEOFF:  When and where did you learn how to fly?
RK: I learned to fly in the United States Air Force in 1961.

Which aircraft have you flown?

RK: I have been fortunate to fly a number of aircraft including T-34s; all Beechcraft single- and multi-engine aircraft; Cessna single engines, as well as the Cessna 310 and 421 and the Rockwell Commander 114.


BPT TAKEOFF: Currently, Bob, what are you flying?

RK: I fly a beautiful A-36 Bonanza.

Can you share with us some of the highlights of your career in aviation?

RK: I was one of the first to be involved with the FAA Accident Investigation Program that is now known as the FAASTeam. I was also  a Wing Chief and Check Pilot for the Civil Air Patrol [CAP] in Florida.


BPT TAKEOFF:  How did you get involved with BPT?

RK: When the program first started many years ago, the manager of Hanger One in Florida asked me to participate as an instructor.


BPT TAKEOFF: Please tell us why BPT is important to you.

RK: I believe that BPT offers the best flight training program for pilots in all stages of their respective aviation careers.


BPT TAKEOFF: Bob what do you believe makes BPT unique?

RK: Pilots receive customized training in their own aircraft. First, each plane is certified for safety before the flight. Second, pilots receive instruction in areas where they need to improve their proficiency.

BPT TAKEOFF:  Would you recommend BPT to a brand-new pilot?

RK: Yes, because of the standardization that is an inherent part of the BPT curriculum.


BPT TAKEOFF:  How about to a seasoned pilot? Would you recommend BPT?

RK: Absolutely! BPT helps knock off the rust and increase proficiency.