Here is a peek at what pilots are saying about BPT: 

  • “Kent & I want to thank you all for such a good clinic @ Tucson. Even though we did not get to do the actual flying portion, due to malfunction of our right side rudder pedals, the presentations, walk around & inspections & all were so beneficial. Spending time with other proficient pilots and instructors is also so invaluable.
  • Last Friday, Feb. 8th, we flew with Randy Bailey from the Fort Collins/Loveland airport to finish what we couldn’t do in Tucson. Kent was very pleased and challenged. And I got to attempt 4 landings from the companion seat. Can’t say they were pretty landings by far but thanks to Randy, Bonanza 7150N is still airworthy!

    Thank you also for the sweet gifts you gave us girls in the Companion Class in Tucson. You make us feel privileged to be Companions, and share the intrigue of flight with our pilots.

    We are really enjoying the Lightspeed Headset, too. Very nice.

    Thanks again and we wish you all many more successful clinics and safe flying.”  Kent & Cindy

    • “Flew out to Ft Collins Thursday after work. Friday spent the day doing my BPT flying that i didn’t get done while at the October clinic in Tulsa due to weather. Great time flying with Randy Bailey. Got a BFR and IPC done. Did a nice ground school on mountain flying too!”  Matt M.
    • “I was surprised what had happened to the BPPP that my nephew and I grew to love. I am so glad that the core instructors, who we thought so highly of, started BPT training. We hope to get set for Greensboro. Thank you for your e-mail as we would have never realized that there are two groups, and we would always choose the core instructors. Please keep us informed. I really need to get back to training as I have about 8 hours for the whole year (all 4 kids in sports and hate to miss games, etc.) I would love to get some training before Greensboro.”   Barry G.
    • “You guys are the greatest. I have attended the weekend clinics for 12 or 13 years and have found them very valuable. Hopefully, you will schedule one for the east coast in the fall. Glad to hear you are continuing the weekend clinics.”  C. B.
    • “Wow, there is a bright star shining this Christmas season!  I’m very disappointed in the direction ABS is moving.  I’ve been a member for over 30 years and this is a low point. I fail to understand how the economics could change so precipitously, lack of openness with the membership, and no good workaround found.   However, it looks like you guys have really come through for us.  I applaud the effort and will support you in 2013.”  James K.
    • “Tom and I were thrilled to get your email and hear about BPT, we had no idea this was under development. It is an understatement to say we were extremely disappointed with the new BPPP format. We believed the clinics were very effective and looked forward to attending each year.  Count both of us in for San Marcos, we will be registering shortly!  A big thank you to all involved for caring enough to put this organization together.  We wish you much success.”  Hetty B.
    • “Great news! As your former dentist and as a 25+ year “graduate” of the BPPP I will be honored to support the BPT, Inc.  I’ll plan to attend the San Marcos clinic. Keep me informed.”  Mark Y.
    • “You were right, flying with Randy was an awesome experience. I learned more this weekend than I could have ever imagined.  BPT is a great group of guys and they are definitely true Beech experts.” Gary T.
    • “Keep up the great work…..
      Attended the Waukesha BPT class last weekend. What a good time. Amazing that after 5 consecutive times taking the course I can still fill up a notepad with new stuff I didnt already know about procedures, safety, and operating the airplane itself. The quality of the Bonanza specific training, really stands out. Great to see all the same instructors as before (wasnt sure what to expect with the name change). Bill Hale never fails to impress, demonstrating fascinating nuances of the Garmin, the autopilot, the iPad, etc. just the kind of things you’d much rather see in training than at night on an approach! I have to say, I look forward to the classes and especially the FLYING part of the weekend all year. Thanks to Bill, Kent, John, and everyone else who makes this superior level of type specific training possible, especially at such a reasonable price!!”  Aaron M 
    • “My fiance, son and I just finished a most enjoyable weekend learning from and flying with a great team of Bonanza/Baron instructors. There are other more economical and convenient options available but I’ve not come across anyone with the deep knowledge and specific skills these folks possess. They all have thousands of hours in bonanzas and/or Barons and most are Beech owners too. Their organization is called “Bonanza/Baron Pilot training” and they hold weekend training seminars at various locations around the country. This is mostly the same group that Beech factory gave every new “G” owner 4 days of training with and I believe they may be considering a similar program again.”  Scott M
    • “I’ve flown twice with Col. George Luck.  He is the master of instructing, and a credit to your organization. While I still love the ABS magazine, and the value it ads to my skills and safety of flying a Beechcraft, I will be making the switch to your training program.  As a young man, I can’t express to you enough how much it means to have your CFI staff, with such deep experiences and resumes, willing to take the time to pass on their knowledge to the next generation!”  Jim B

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