It is with a heavy heart that BPT announces the passing of Dave Monti, BPT Director of Maintenance, on Friday, September 27, 2019.

Many of you knew Dave through the numerous lectures he presented at BPT Clinics throughout the U.S. Dave conducted walk-arounds with more than 250 BPT pilots every year, helping them complete a thorough preflight inspection of their aircraft. He always made himself available to help other pilots ā€“ both far and near ā€“ who were experiencing maintenance issues.

Having earned his Aviation Mechanic Certificate in 1975, Dave was an exceptional aviation maintenance technician. For more than 40 years, Dave practiced his trade and honed his skills. He founded Rebuilt Aircraft, originally in South Lake Tahoe, CA and subsequently in Minden, NV.

Daveā€™s passion for aviation safety was exceptional; his attention to detail and knowledge of aircraft construction and systems remains unparalleled. He freely made himself available to any aviation participant (pilots, other mechanics, etc.) who sought his help concerning repair techniques, part locating, or record keeping / documentation. Communicating with people all over the world, Dave willingly shared safety information, disseminated repair techniques, and got replacement parts to those who needed them.

Like few other mechanics, Dave was also a pilot who owned a Beechcraft Bonanza for many years. He understood the value of reliable maintenance and the importance of a trusted mechanic who cares for each aircraft as if it were his own, carrying his family members.

In recognition of his tremendous service, expertise and his lifetime pursuit of aviation safety, Jon David Monti was recognized as the 2019 General Aviation Awards Program Maintenance Technician of the Year.

A more worthy recipient of this noble designation would be hard to find. Dave was an incredibly gifted and important asset to BPT ā€“ and to aviation-at-large.

He is missed.