BPT COVID-19 Statement & Response

BPT, Inc. will follow all Federal, State or local rules pertaining to our clinic activities.

All of our instructors and staff attending the in-person clinics will be fully vaccinated and proof
of vaccination will be provided to any pilot participant upon request.

All pilot participants attending the in-person clinics will need to provide proof of vaccination to
the program manager. This will be done by taking a photo of your vaccination certificate and
emailing it to the BPT Registrar at bpt@mwt.net. Please provide your name and the clinic that
you are registered to attend. Confirmation will be emailed back to you, and the information
will be put in your file.

Face masks will not be required in the classroom unless specified by Federal, State or local

Facemasks will not be required while flying with your assigned instructor unless specifically
requested by the pilot participant.

These rules were approved by the BPT, Inc. Board of Directors for your safety with the
recommendation from two of our instructors who are licensed and practicing physicians.

If for any reason you feel a risk of your safety in attending these in-person clinics, please
contact Mick Kaufman at 817-988-0174 and he will work with you to attend virtually.


BPT Board of Directors