What Customers are Saying


“I don’t think there’s any place that you can find the level of expertise and depth of knowledge. Every one of the staff members is about as experienced as you could ask for.”
— Frank W.

“First and foremost, the excellent staff of instructors affiliated with the BPT. Next, the ability to have a Beechcraft expert examine a customer’s aircraft and give serious feedback to the owner.  The Companion program? You can’t get that online.
— Scott E.

“[BPT is] actually part of our safety program at the state that all the pilots go through every two years. If you’re a new employee you obviously come for the ‘Initial.’”
– Amy C.

“This course was an eye-opener for sure. Until this weekend, flying my new-to-me Debonair seemed like an out-of-body experience. I was having a great time, but this self-taught approach was doing nothing to restore my skills or confidence. This program has me on the right track and wanting more! Worth every penny.”
–Rod K.

“There are other more economical and convenient options available, but I’ve not come across anyone with the deep knowledge and specific skills these folks possess. They all have thousands of hours in Bonanzas and/or Barons – and most are Beech owners, too.”
— Scott M.

“Amazing that after 5 consecutive times taking the course I can still fill up a notepad with new stuff I didn’t already know about procedures, safety, and operating the airplane itself. The quality of the Bonanza-specific training really stands out.”
Aaron M.

“It was a wonderful [Companion] class that both Mike and I had been wanting me to take for several years now.  I already want to take it again and maybe add flaps in the process the next time.  Kent is a fabulous instructor in the plane and John did a great job with the ground class.”
— Lucinda R.  

“Flying with Randy was an awesome experience. I learned more this weekend than I could have ever imagined.  BPT is a great group of guys and they are definitely true Beech experts.”
— Gary T.

“When you’re trying to get back in shape it’s a great aid to remind you of all of the important stuff and the things you haven’t heard for several years.”
Dave B.

“If you’re flying routinely by the numbers and something isn’t adding up, then you begin to look for why. And if you hadn’t had that formal flying by the numbers training, I’m not sure you might have been aware.”
Kent S.

 “Every time I leave here it gives me a big boost of confidence.”
— Stephanie S-H.

“It seems like every airplane has a personality and Beechcraft are made very strong. I’ve been running around in Cessna 172s – and now I’m in a “Porsche Cayenne.” It takes a lot more to learn how to fly it properly and I want to be safe. So, I thought I’d come here and learn how to do it right.”
Bryon P.