Sixty years ago, Avemco Insurance Company became the only direct insurer of GA aircraft. Since that day we’ve built our reputation on three principals:

  1. A personalized approach to aircraft insurance.
  2. A commitment to prompt and fair settlements that get our customers back in the air quickly.
  3. A passion for safety that encourages recurrent training and rewards safe pilots with decreased insurance premiums.

To us, you’re a name, not an N Number.

Being the only direct writer of aircraft insurance means that we’re the only insurance company you can contact directly, either by phone or email. Other insurers make you go through a third-party agent or broker. Whenever you call (800) 638 8440, you will speak directly with an Avemco underwriter, empowered to approve coverage, and quote a rate.

We’ve insured thousands of Bonanzas and Barons since 1961. In that time, we’ve realized that Beechcraft pilots have an emotional attachment to their aircraft that often goes beyond pride to become something bordering on obsession. Our experience is that often Bonanzas and Barons are worth more than V-Ref or Aircraft Bluebook averages because so many owners have enhanced them with upgraded avionics, cosmetic makeovers, aftermarket mods and so forth. We’ll help you understand the risks of being both under-insured and over-insured. Determining the sweet spot between too little and too much is a personal decision but your Avemco underwriter can give you some guidelines to help with your conclusion. The risk of being under-insured is obvious, but having too much insurance may also be a bad thing. Since Avemco’s underwriters do not work on commission, you can be assured they will not try to sell you more coverage than you need or is advisable.

Safety is its own reward. But saving money is even more rewarding.

Having fewer claims is good for an insurance company. But encouraging safer pilots is good for everybody, from the loved ones who trust you with their lives to the impact on General Aviation as a whole. Avemco leads the insurance industry in advocating for aviation safety and has arguably done more to promote pilot safety than any other insurance company.

Several years ago, Avemco reached out to John and Martha King to propose a new course to fill what we saw as a gaping hole in general aviation training. The Kings enthusiastically embraced the concept, and Practical Risk Management for Pilots (https://www.kingschools.com/aviation-courses/risk-management/pilots) was born. It soon became the best-selling “Takeoff” course in the Kings’ catalog.

Avemco’s focus on safety went a step further when we supported pioneering research that led to the Airmanship Education Research Initiative (AERI) (https://www.flyingmag.com/technique/proficiency/sky-kings-pilots-who-should-scare-us/), which seeks to understand why some pilots are less likely to have accidents than others.

Today, Avemco is a major sponsor of the FAA’s FAASTeam Pilot Proficiency  (https://www.faasafety.gov/WINGS/pub/learn_more.aspx) program and awards a set of FAASTeam wings to any pilot who completes each phase of the program.

Avemco is well aware of the importance of encouraging regular recurrent training, especially in high performance aircraft like the Bonanza and Baron. That’s why we developed the Avemco Safety Rewards Program, which rewards safe pilots with savings of up to 30% on their annual premium for gaining new ratings or participating in Avemco-approved recurrent training. The simple fact that you participate in type-specific recurrent training through Bonanza/Baron Pilot Training indicates to us a level of proficiency and a concern for safety that other pilots may not have. All participants in the Virtual Baron and Bonanza Pilot Training qualify for a reduction in your annual premium.

Simply visit Avemco.com or call (800) 638 8440 and speak with an Avemco Underwriter who will tell you how you can save up to the full 30%.

More: www.avemco.com

Not all coverages or products may be available in all jurisdictions. Premium credits apply to the Direct Approach Aircraft Insurance Policy POL0001 and are subject to underwriting guidelines, including Avemco-recognized training and memberships.