John Andrick: CFII, ATP

Former Air Traffic Controller / Boston Center
President / Co-founder of Bonanza / Baron Pilot Training [BPT] 8,000+ hours

BPT: How did you get started with BPT?

John: I’m president of BPT. I’ve been the president since the organization was founded about eight years ago. I do it because I love it. I think this is a worthwhile program because of the people here; what they’re learning; and the fact that they’re all enjoying themselves. It’s a good business model.

BPT: What, to you, is the BPT advantage?

John: The BPT advantage is our format. We’re the only group that trains pilots this way. Take our Companion Course, for example. We’ve got companions here that have gone on to get their pilot licenses. We’ve had, at least, one instance of a companion who successfully landed an airplane when her pilot became incapacitated. This is stuff you can’t get anywhere else. You can’t get it from other training programs. You can’t get it online. It’s unique.

BPT: Can you tell us about the quality of the BPT instructors?

John: Every instructor we have has thousands of hours of flight time, years, and years of flight time. But it’s not just about flight time. For example, I am a former air traffic controller. We have instructors that are mechanics, military pilots, airline pilots, and more. Even though this may not directly correlate to what BPT does, it gives an idea as to the breadth of knowledge and experience that we have.

In addition, all of our instructors are required to undergo a biennial training program to demonstrate not only their competency and their experience, but also their ability to deal with people.

One of the biggest concerns that recruits have when they come to BPT is flying with a new instructor. Its can make some folks a bit nervous. At BPT, we understand – and we work hard to minimize that. Most pilots come here – and after their first time, they come back. That’s the best recommendation we can have is that they’re willing to return again and again – and, importantly, bring their friends and their companions with them.

BPT: What do you believe the future holds for BPT?

John: Aviation is a tough business. Any company that’s involved with aviation will tell you that. We’re always looking to expand. We have talked about possibly expanding into other makes and models and other training programs, perhaps, a subscription-based training or some training that doesn’t require so much time away from home. Nothing’s in concrete yet. A lot of those decisions will be driven by our customer’s desires.