J. Percoski 

KTUS 2020 BPT Companion Course Graduate 

BPT: I understand you’ve been to a BPT Companion Course before. Do you want to tell us your experience from last year?

JP: Last year was my first year of attending and before that I was scared of flying. I got brought to this class so I can be a little bit more confident when I’m up in the air, that if something happened to my pilot friend, John, I’d be able to get us on the ground safely.

BPT: What was it like? The first time you flew?

JP: It was definitely invigorating. The first time I flew with John, I was petrified. So we just toured around the airport and then landed. We flew 10 minutes the next day and then I came here. Now I fly all across the country! It was the most amazing experience to be here at the companion class because it taught me the instruments, the emergency procedures and even how to land. I would highly recommend it to any companion.

BPT: Who did you fly with last year?

JP: I flew with Kent Ewing. At first it was scary, but he was extremely patient and encouraging. He just made it a very exciting, comfortable experience. And that’s why I’m back again so I can learn a little bit more and have it ingrained a little bit more in my brain.

BPT: What information can you get out of taking the course again?

JP: I think coming into it the very first time, you miss things. And so by taking it again, I think it is a little bit more ingrained and allows me to administer further help from the copilot seat and be able to put in the frequencies and do all that kind of stuff. So, it’ll teach you a little bit more in depth and I think help to retain it a little bit more being here the second time.